MinuteHound’s Advanced Biometric Technology Reduces Expenses For IT Firms

July 25, 2013

MinuteHound's new computer software helps IT firms reduce expenses for themselves and their clients.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

For contracted IT services firms, MinuteHound advanced time and attendance systems can provide an increase in customer goodwill and loyalty at little or no cost. Simple to install and with a wide variety of cost savings and benefits, MinuteHound can revolutionize a company's time and attendance process but requires only a few minutes to install and no additional software at the customer site. Customers can even install it by themselves, but the recommending firm will be credited with innovative ideas and understanding of customer needs.

Cloud-based and technologically advanced, the MinuteHound biometric timekeeping system collects unique and highly accurate biometric identifiers based on a simple fingerprint scan and stores them on redundant MinuteHound servers. With an added Internet-sourced timestamp, the data eliminates variations in data quality experienced by timecard and keypad systems such as "buddy punching" and manual error.

As the company experiences substantial savings in its daily and weekly timekeeping routines, the MinuteHound servers provide a wealth of features including formatted data downloads, programmed SMS and email alerts indicating staffing issues to be addressed, and live, drill-down reports of aggregate and individual time and attendance data.

While MinuteHound handles server operations, backups, availability, and software upgrades. Local equipment and software for the advanced biometric system consists of a USB-connected fingerprint scanner costing about $99 with self-contained software, and only requires an existing Internet-connected PC to host the hardware and driver software. The rest is in the cloud.

MinuteHound support handles everything from installation questions to feature explanation directly to the customer at no cost. While the customer is saving money, the IT firm won't have to step in for incidental training or user questions that are often informal and unbilled.

Payroll departments which process paper timecards or other data which requires verification will be able to quickly download, double-check, and upload data to most payroll services. This can help save 2 to 8 percent off of payroll costs.

For users, the only requirement to use MinuteHound is a system such as a desktop or tablet PC with a web browser and Internet connection. Managers traveling anywhere in the world can keep on top of staffing, attendance irregularities, and workforce issues. IT firms can help supply the mobile technologies to ensure management and supervisors are able to fully use all of MinuteHound's many monitoring and reporting features.

Concerns about compliance and employee privacy are easily addressed with MinuteHound. The biometric fingerprint scan technology processes each worker's identification into a single large number through an encryption algorithm. The code cannot be reverse engineered to generate a worker fingerprint image, and is unique to that individual reducing timekeeping controversies.

IT firms recommending MinuteHound advanced biometric time and attendance systems get the credit for a great idea without having to provide incidental support. MinuteHound is simple to install, easy to operate, and supported at no cost to either the user or IT provider. MinuteHound is success with savings for everyone.

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Phone: (800) 351-7237

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