July 26, 2013

Ministop Korea Ensures Integrity, Safety, and Reliability of Its Network Environment with WatchGuard

Increased Customer Satisfaction throughout its Branches
- The connection between HQ, distribution centers, and nationwide stores is improved through better store management and accurate decision-making.
- Internal/external security threats are blocked to minimize damage from data loss, enhance business efficiency, and stabilize the network, resulting to 30% reduction in costs associated with network failures.

Singapore, July 26, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - WatchGuard ( www.watchguard.com ), a leading provider of manageable business security solutions, has announced that Korea Ministop ( www.ministop.co.kr ) is using WatchGuard's XTM solution to implement a secure, integrated network environment that connects HQ, distribution centers, and approximately 2,000 stores nationwide to maximize customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of business and management.

Ministop Korea first introduced WatchGuard XTM security appliances at HQ and distribution centers to integrate the in-house security system that allows all internal staff to be connected to the internet without interruption. This was then introduced to all nationwide stores shortly afterwards, the impact of which enhanced security and enabled integrated management between HQ and all the stores. Accordingly the decision-making is better as it is based on accurate information and store management is smoother, leading to improvement in customer service experience.

For HQ, potentially harmful external security threats including Active-X, malicious JavaScript codes and video file downloads are prevented by blocking the access. In addition, the risk of internal data leakage is eliminated by disabling the use of personal email accounts on portal sites, thus the damage from data loss is minimized, business efficiency is enhanced, and network stabilization is enabled. As a result, Ministop Korea managed to reduce the costs associated with network failures by 30%.

The previous procedure required the monitoring center to be notified of any abnormalities before any action could be taken. Now, WatchGuard's XTM utilizes real-time monitoring of any changes in internal traffic, this allows for immediate confirmation and response without delay.

Seong-Yong Oh, Team Leader, Data Processing Team, System Department, Ministop Korea, stated: "It is very important for Ministop Korea to maintain a high level of security and network connectivity as we are a chain of the convenience store that's open 24/7; In addition, an improved network equipped with stability, security, and safety is required to enable Ministop maximize customer satisfaction."

Gilbert Baek, Country Manager of WatchGuard Korea, commented, "WatchGuard has seamlessly integrated the best-in-class security technology that allows the network environment of HQ, distribution centers, and branches to be managed and protected. This is done through utilizing centralized management and remote connectivity as well as regulation-compliance support." Gilbert summarized, "Ministop Korea is an industry's best practice example for its implementation of integrated network environment has not only enhanced the security of both internal and external threats but also improved network resource availability and efficiency."

Ssangyong Information & Communications Corp. and NSAM participated in the Ministop Korea's Network Improvement Project.

More details about this case study can be viewed in the following link: http://bit.ly/14cvlhd

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