New Segway Event Rentals Offered Throughout the Bay Area by Segway of Oakland

July 27, 2013

Segway of Oakland announce an expanded rental fleet for corporate and other events.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

Segway of Oakland has once again purchased more rental units for an expanded rental fleet in Northern California. They now offer rentals with delivery and pick up through Northern California. Segway of Oakland has the most extensive rental fleet and most experienced training personnel for your company's events and retreat adventures with the exciting Segway i2 and x2. If you want the best event available for your organization, event rentals are a unique activity that is simply unmatched by anything else.

The Segway is unique and tons of fun. "We offer Segways and personnel and we can potentially train up to a hundred people or more at event and offer short rides and lessons so anybody that wants to can learn to ride a Segway", said Darren Romar, co-owner of Segway of Oakland.

A Segway event or team-builder is an event that nobody will ever forget. "With 5 Segways and five personnel, we can handle typical groups, and we can also offer hands on indoor training at the same time. These lessons at events are not as extensive as with our Lessons and Tours here in Oakland, but what we do is use a highly controlled area and method so that participants can all learn the basics and try it out within a very short period of time," said Romar.

"We get people up and going in minutes, and by offering short five to ten minute sessions, we can literally handle groups with hundred of members. This is the best way for a lot of people to learn and figure out the basics and get an introduction to the Segway" continued Romar.

The Segway is a unique two wheeled scooter that operates like no other vehicle in the world. It has no steering wheel or brakes, yet it accelerates and stops on a dime. The Segway is a ton of fun. Some people think it feels like skiing over the pavement. "It glides the way I ski", said one participant.

Yet a Segway is way easier than skiing or surfing or anything else like that. In fact the Segway is so intuitive that you can learn the basic functions and get moving within a couple minutes. Although the Segway feels very unstable at first, once you have a few seconds to understand the operation, you'll find it is the most intuitive vehicle to operate that there is. Simply put, the Segway is really easy to ride.

Most importantly is that your group will remember this event like no other. "We've done graduation parties, retirement parties, company picnics, company events, youth events, scouts, organizational events, luncheons, you name it. Segways are something really special that you just can match with anything else." added Romar.

For more than the same old mundane stuff, try Segway Events with Segway of Oakland. This is the most efficient way to get a group up and going with a fun activity, and it can even be done indoors. It is a highly controlled process and unlike a long several mile tour, it is done in a closed area where people learn and ride with the group and take turns.

It works out great for organizational or company parties. If you want to find out more, call 1-888-8SEGWAY.

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