Belman Insurance Advisor is Excited by Employers Offering Pet Insurance and Lists Five Unusual Dog Breeds

July 27, 2013

According to a Washington Post article published 7/10/13 entitled, “Pet insurance one of the hottest employee benefits in US, offered by 1-3 Fortune 500 companies,” pet insurance could be the next “big” thing. BelmanInsuranceAdvisor.com looks at what pet insurance is and lists five “you’ve never heard of” dog breeds.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

There are approximately 165 million pets (cats and dogs) in the U.S. According to ASPCA.org, about 62% of households all have a pet. They provide warmth, companionship, love, laughs, and service. Is it any wonder that there is a huge pet-related industry selling everything from clothes and pharmaceuticals to hair dye and insurance? There are many different kinds of insurance out there. Belman Insurance Advisor sees that pet insurance is a growing field that insurance professionals may want to explore it as an option to offer clients, and to create business. According to an Associated Press article printed in the Washington Post on July 10th, one in three Fortune 500 companies offers pet insurance as part of their benefits packages along with health insurance and family life insurance. The editor of BelmanInsuranceAdvisor.com takes a closer look at pet insurance and as a bonus, lists five very unusual dog breeds.

Pet insurance, like any other insurance, is in place to mitigate risk. Should Fido get hit by a car or struck with a debilitating illness, pet insurance can be very valuable in helping to cover a large portion of the healthcare costs. One third of Fortune 500 companies are using pet insurance as part of their employee enticement tool. Small companies and organizations are beginning to include it in their benefits packages as well. There appears to be a large potential for growth in this area that the industry should take advantage of.

Given the discussion of pets, Belman Insurance Advisor found five unusual dog breeds to consider when next adopting:

1.    Sloughi. A sight hound from North Africa. It looks somewhat like a brindled-greyhound. With a strong prey drive and an unbreakable family bond, this dog is a one-family dog for life.

2.    Pumi. A smallish dog with a corkscrew-haired coat. This is a herding dog that loves to work.

3.    Dogo Argentino. Dog from Argentina. This dog is large, all white and very powerful. Designed to guard and hunt big game, it is a dominant dog that could possibly require some legal help to keep in select communities in the U.S.

4.    Chinook. This large breed dog excels at all winter sports. Sporting a thick double coat and soulful brown eyes, this beauty has a reputation for being great with kids.

5.    Azawakh. Another sight hound from Africa, this dog is very thin and sleek and would not be suitable for cold climates. Although it bonds very well to its people, it is naturally distrustful of strangers.

Belman Insurance Advisor takes a closer look at the prevalence of pet insurance as part of a benefit package in large companies and believes it is a growing industry insurance professionals should acknowledge. As a bonus, Belman Insurance Advisor offers five unusual dog breeds.

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