Apple Removes Bob Mansfield From Leadership Position
July 29, 2013

Apple Removes Bob Mansfield From Leadership Position

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Bob Mansfield, the former senior vice president of technologies at Apple Inc., is no longer in an executive position with the company. He will instead work on "special projects" under CEO Tim Cook. This change was reported on Sunday by MacRumors and has been confirmed by AllThingsD and Reuters.

Apple initially made no announcement about Mansfield's exit and only removed his picture from the executives profile page on its website. Last June, it was announced Mansfield was retiring from the tech company, yet he was later welcomed back as the SVP of technologies and reported directly to Cook. It's not yet known which special projects Mansfield will be working on at Apple, though it has been rumored he and other Apple executives have been busying themselves with Apple's first entrance into wearable computing with the "iWatch."

The story first hit popular Apple websites yesterday evening after MacRumors reported Mansfield's picture was noticeably missing from the executive profile page. A few hours later company spokesperson Steve Dowling confirmed Mansfield's departure to AllThingsD, saying, "Bob is no longer going to be on Apple's executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to [CEO] Tim [Cook]."

Reuters reporter Poornima Gupta also confirmed Apple's response on Twitter.

It's still unknown why Mansfield stepped down, which projects he'll be working on, or if Apple will replace him with a new SVP of technologies or dissolve the position that was given to Mansfield less than a year ago.

Mansfield had worked with Apple since 1999 when his former company had been acquired by the computer maker. Mansfield's attempted departure from the tech giant in 2012 was seen as a sign of Apple's execs struggling underneath a new leader in the wake of former CEO Steve Jobs' death.

Less than two months later, Apple announced some new changes in its executive lineup, a move that placed Mansfield in a senior vice president position.

"Bob Mansfield will lead a new group, Technologies, which combines all of our wireless teams across the company in one organization, allowing us to innovate in this area at an even higher level," said Cook in a statement at the time. "As part of this, I am thrilled to tell you that Bob will remain with Apple for an additional two years. Bob has led some of our most challenging engineering projects for many years."

In between his retirement decision and announcement of his return, Bob Mansfield had a rare surge of attention from the media. Apple decided in July 2012 to stop seeking EPEAT certification for its products following the release of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a near-seamless laptop with a high-resolution display closely integrated with the rest of the machine. After local governments and other large organizations threatened to move to PCs if Apple removed their EPEAT ratings, the company changed its mind. Mansfield answered for both of these decisions.

According to Apple Insider, Cook offered Mansfield $2 million per month to stay on board with Apple.