East End Screen Printing, a Long Island Screen Printing Company, Applauds the Creative Genius Behind the Playmat T-shirt

July 30, 2013

East End Screen Printing, a top Long Island screen printing company, commends the idea behind the playmat t-shirt and affirms the importance of creativity when designing apparel.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2013

On July 30, Bruce Graham of East End Screen Printing, a top Long Island screen printing company, comments on an article published by Gizmodo and applauds the creativity behind the playmat t-shirt.

According to an article published on Gizmodo titled “Genius T-Shirt Playmat Includes a Built-In Massage for Mom or Dad,” a new t-shirt design could be beneficial to both parent and child. The article says the new playmat t-shirt has a scene of streets and railroad tracks that allow children to roll their toy cars and trains on the back of the t-shirt.

The t-shirt is described in the article as being a fun play mat for children, especially on picnics, outings, or anywhere that a parent would play with their child. However, the t-shirt also has another more surprising benefit. The t-shirt is also good for back massages, the article says. When children roll their little toy cars on their parents’ backs, they benefit from the massaging motions.

Bruce Graham, owner of East End Screen Printing, a Long Island screen printing company, says, “It’s always great to see the amount of creativity people bring to t-shirts,” Graham says. “The t-shirt is a versatile canvas that can express many different messages. It is unique to see a t-shirt being designed to entertain children while benefiting parents with a massage.”

Graham says he loves to see the creativity that people bring to t-shirts. “We have people coming in all the time and they are often surprised at the level of versatility and the range of creativity that we allow on our t-shirts,” he says. “The more creative the t-shirt design, the better it sells.”

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