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Illiri Releases API for Secure, Ad Hoc, Sound-Based Mobile-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-Website Data Exchange

August 7, 2013

New API enables ad hoc mobile payments, content sharing and advertising while maintaining privacy for users and without requiring physical proximity

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Illiri, a pioneer in audio-based connection technology, today announced the release of a new API that lets mobile devices connect using audio and then exchange information via public or dedicated servers. The API, licensable by mobile developers, enables instantaneous mobile device-to-device and device-to-website connectivity. With iOS, Android and JavaScript APIs available, Illiri technology is compatible with virtually all mobile devices and websites.

“Bluetooth, NFC and similar connection methods require users to be near the device they wish to connect with,” said Vadim Sokolovsky, co-founder of Illiri. “With Illiri, we’ve made geography irrelevant–users only need to be near the sound itself. Applications can now connect devices and websites anywhere in the world simply by producing a short sound that can be transmitted via a phone call, Skype video conference, radio, TV or other medium that can propagate audio waves.”

To connect two or more devices, Illiri’s API produces a short sound modulated with a unique server generated session id from the transmitting device. With the Illiri-enabled app running, the receiving device(s) will detect and decode the sound, and each participant will then have the option to join a joint server session. Once paired, the devices can exchange information via a secure (TLS/SSL) connection.

Illiri’s technology demo application CardXChange demonstrates the capabilities of the API in a simple contact information exchange program. Two users launch CardXChange on their phone, one clicks “Connect” to produce the sound and, after the connection is confirmed by both users, the contact information of the other party appears on each device.

The Illiri API enables complete privacy for individual-to-individual exchanges as well as business-to-consumer communications, since the parties are not required to exchange any information or set up an account in order to establish a connection. Unless a user explicitly shares an email address or phone number, their data is private. This can bring the anonymity of cash payments to the digital world when Illiri’s technology is used with a virtual currency like Bitcoin, or it can remove the requirement for a physical credit card when used with established payment providers like Stripe, Dwolla or PayPal.

“We’ve made Illiri as customizable and developer-friendly as a Lego set,” said Lex Sokolin, co-founder of Illiri. “We know many application developers who have the vision and creative genius to take this API and build on top of it. Illiri is designed to be the foundation for instant and completely private ad hoc information exchanges.”

In addition to mobile payments and device-to-device exchanges, potential uses of Illiri are quite diverse. Television and radio advertisements can transmit geographically relevant deals and discounts and allow consumers to purchase goods when their interest is elevated.

For TV contests, game shows or live events, consumers can connect and vote instantly via Illiri while remaining anonymous. In packed lecture halls, university professors would have an easy way to take attendance or distribute materials directly to the right students.

“We’re excited to see what developers can accomplish with this API,” said Sokolovsky. “We’re in an era where consumers want to get more done on their smartphones and tablets with less typing. Illiri is a one-click solution that can support almost all of the data exchanges we make on a daily basis.”

To learn more about Illiri, visit www.illiri.com

To download CardXChange, visit the iTunes store or Google Play.

About Illiri

Illiri’s next-generation API uses modulated audio waves to connect two or more mobile devices by broadcasting a unique server-generated session ID. Once paired, an unlimited number of devices can privately exchange information or securely send data to a website. For iOS, Android and JavaScript developers, Illiri offers ad hoc connectivity and cutting edge privacy in mobile payment, social media, marketing, advertising, gaming and security applications. The company is based in New York City.


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