New iPhone Event September 10
August 12, 2013

Apple May Announce New iPhones On September 10

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

All Things D’s Ina Fried recently reported Apple will hold their next iPhone release event on Tuesday, September 10. Following several months of rumors about both a cheap, colored iPhone and an iterative iPhone 5 with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, sources have told Fried Apple is finally ready to unveil their latest offering in less than a month. An intensely secretive company, Apple has yet to confirm this date.

It is almost certain, however, Apple will release their new phone (or phones) with iOS 7, their latest mobile operating system which they unveiled in June and have been rushing through beta. Following an executive shakeup last October, senior designer Jony Ive was placed in charge of “Industrial Design” as a senior vice president. A New York Times article claimed a day later iOS 7 would have Ive’s “design aesthetic all over them,” meaning the mobile OS has been undergoing rapid changes in less than nine months.

Earlier this month, a pair of reports were released which provided some possible information about what these new iPhones could look like. In what normally might have been an innocent report about labor conditions in the factories of one of Apple’s main suppliers, Pegatron, the authors let it slip that workers in this facility were busy making the low-cost iPhone with a colorful back. Analysts and other Apple watchers have been predicting Apple would enter the low-cost smartphone market for years, though these murmurings have intensified in the latest iPhone rumor cycle.

According to several rumors, the company has been hard at work for several months to get the color just right on the plastic backs slated to ship on these cheap iPhones, which could sell in emerging markets around the world and on the world’s largest telecommunications carrier, China Mobile.

Developers have also been able to unofficially confirm the presence of a fingerprint scanner inside iOS 7, another popular rumor during this year’s cycle following Apple’s purchase of AuthenTec, a company which produces biometric sensors. Shortly after Apple released an update to the beta version of iOS 7, British developer Hamza Sood noticed a folder in the source code entitled “BiometricKitUI” which could describe how the fingerprint sensor would work.

According to the developer, an iPhone user’s identity could be verified simply by swiping their thumb or finger over the home button, meaning only the user would be able to unlock the phone.

A new report from AppleInsider this weekend cites analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims this fingerprint sensor will be embedded in a convex home button as opposed to the iPhone’s traditional concave button. According to Kuo, this could allow Apple to pack the sensor into the phone without losing precious space inside the phone.

Finally, a new report released this morning by Japan-based Macotakara claims Apple will, in fact, release two new phones: The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is said to contain the fingerprint sensor (which may also be free of the app-icon symbol), while the iPhone 5C is expected to be its low-cost, colorful cousin.