University Students Targeted With New LinkedIn Feature
August 19, 2013

University Students Targeted With New LinkedIn Feature

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

LinkedIn, the social network for the workplace, has added a new feature to help college students uncover their best education path to a future career.

The new tool, called "University Pages," allows higher education facilities to help guide students down a career path. Christina Allen, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post announcing the new feature that University Pages is a cornerstone strategy to help students at "every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers."

According to LinkedIn, 200 universities have already adopted their pages, including New York University, University of California San Diego, University of Michigan, Villanova, Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Illinois. The professional social network said that thousands of more schools will be given access to their University Pages over the next few weeks.

Pages will be operated by staff members at the universities, which will utilize the social network to serve current and past students, as well as recruit prospective students. Universities can utilize an interactive chart to show statistics from its alumni students to see where they have gone on to work and in what positions, where they live, and what they studied in school.

"We believe University Pages will be especially valuable for students making their first, big decision about where to attend college," Allen said.

She said that LinkedIn will begin to make the social networking site available to high school students beginning on September 12. These students will be able to use the new feature to look at prospective universities, as well as "greatly expand their understanding of the careers available, and get a head start on building a network of family and friends to help guide them at every milestone," Allen added.

"For the past few years, I’d watched my daughter and her friends struggle with these choices (selecting colleges)," she wrote in her blog.. "Through my relationships at LinkedIn, I knew that hidden in millions of member profiles were powerful insights about the career outcomes of educations from universities around the world. If harnessed, these insights could provide incredible value for students – helping them explore possible futures and build a support network to help them succeed on campus and beyond."

This isn't the first new feature LinkedIn has plugged into its social network over the past month. Earlier in August the company announced that it would be allowing jobseekers to apply for positions using a smartphone app.

LinkedIn started allowing smartphone users to use their devices to search for jobs back in July, but gave them the ability to start applying for these jobs from an iPhone or Android phone a few weeks later.

The social network announced its second quarter 2013 financial results at the beginning of August, saying it brought in $363.7 million in revenue, which was an increase of 59 percent compared to the second quarter of 2012. LinkedIn also said that it now hosts more than 238 million members.

“Accelerated member growth and strong engagement drove record operating and financial results in the second quarter,” said Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. “We are continuing to invest in driving scale across the LinkedIn platform in order to fully realize our long-term potential.”