iPhone Better At Winning Converts Than Samsung
August 19, 2013

Apple’s iPhone Better At Winning Converts Than Samsung

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

According to a new survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple gets more owners to switch over to its iPhone than Samsung does to its Android devices. The new study found that 20 percent of Apple's iPhone customers switched from an Android device in the past year alone, while only seven percent of Samsung customers switched over from an iPhone. The report highlights a key trend in smartphone user allegiances.

CNN's Fortune reported that CIRP said 42 percent of Apple's customers between July 2012 and June 2013 were upgrading from another iPhone. However, the survey also found that Samsung drew in more first-time smartphone buyers than Apple, beating out the Cupterino company by nearly 11 percent in this category.

Samsung was found to have a knack for drawing in customers from HTC, Motorola and Nokia, while Apple drew in more users switching over from Blackberry devices.

CIRP's report found that Apple users more likely to have a background in higher education than those who used Android devices. The survey saw that nearly 35 percent of Apple users have at least a college degree, while 10 percent have a masters, compared to about 25 percent of Samsung users who have a college degree and 5 percent with a masters.

The higher the income, the better the chances that someone is purchasing an iPhone, according to CIRP data. The report showed that about 30 percent of iPhone users have an income of between $50 and $75 thousand per year, compared to about 25 percent of Samsung users. Samsung attracted more people from the income group between $25 and $50 thousand per year than Apple did, as well as those making less than $25,000.

Apple will reportedly be hosting a news conference announcing its next iPhone generation on Tuesday, September 10. This rumor falls in line with the timeline Apple has followed for the past few years.

The next generation iPhone is already surrounded in speculation, such as whether it will feature a fingerprint sensor and a new champagne color. Apple's latest iOS 7 software, that is set to release alongside the new iPhone, will give Apple's sixth-generation smartphone a new look and feel. To back up claims about the fingerprint sensor, developers have even confirmed the presence of a fingerprint scanner inside iOS 7.