Amazon Outage North America
August 19, 2013

Amazon Faces Outage Across North America

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

The online marketplace is finally back up after facing an outage across the United States and Canada on Monday.

Earlier in the day users across North America received an error message when trying to access the world's largest retailer site. At the moment it remains unclear what triggered the disruption.

During the outage the Amazon Web Services status page displayed a message saying "We're very sorry, but we're having trouble doing what you just asked us to do. Please give us another chance — click the Back button on your browser and try your request again. Or start front he beginning on our homepage." Amazon web services and sites were still working throughout the outage.

According to ZDNet, Amazon sites were out for about 25 minutes total, while BuzzFeed reported that the online retail giant was out of commission for 40 minutes. Amazon said it experienced "an increased error rate for CreateTags and DeleteTags APIs in the US-EAST-1 region."

The Amazon outage comes a few days after Google's online services, including Search, Gmail, Drive and YouTube, went offline. The Google outage reportedly caused approximately 40 percent of total Internet traffic to plummet.

Google acknowledged the problems it was having on its Apps Dashboard, but it did not elaborate on the cause. Google said it was "aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users." The company later added that 50 to 70 percent of Google users received error messages.

Amazon receives has about 77 million US visitors each day and is one of the top ten websites in the world in terms of total traffic. BuzzFeed said that Amazon could have lost about $1,104 in net sales per second, on average, which would have resulted in a total loss of about $1.6 million in the 25 minutes it was down.

Amazon has remained the top-ranked e-retailer in the Top 500 Guide for a decade, accounting for 15.4 percent of all US e-commerce sales. The Top 500 Guide ranks the 500 leading e-retailers in the US and Canada based on their annual web sales and other key metrics.