Fusion PPT CTO’s Article On “Why You Need a Cloud Service Broker” Published in InformationWeek Reports

August 22, 2013

Fusion PPT's report “Why You Need a Cloud Service Broker,” written by CTO Don Magrogan, has been featured in InformationWeek Reports.

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) August 22, 2013

Fusion PPT, a recognized cloud computing strategy and technology firm, announced today that its report “Why You Need a Cloud Service Broker,” written by CTO Don Magrogan, has been has been featured in InformationWeek Reports. Magrogan, a seasoned technology leader with hands-on experience in leading cloud computing initiatives, explores the uses and benefits of Cloud Service Brokers (CSBs) and the growing market need for efficient, consolidated IT and cloud governance.

As more and more enterprises move to the Cloud, most are discovering that it is necessary to use services from multiple cloud providers in order to get the range of performance and service options that they need to be successful. Doing this also protects against vendor lock-in and reduces an enterprise’s dependence upon a single provider or vendor. However, doing so also causes serious cloud service governance problems. Managing and aligning all the services from an unknown number of providers is no easy task. Add to that the fact that many CIOs are finding that their business divisions are using services outside of those offered within their companies, and an even larger problem blossoms.

Cloud Service Brokers, Magrogan argued, are the answer. His contention is that, for enterprises that uses cloud computing services from multiple providers, CSBs can consolidate and allow those businesses to centrally manage their fragmented services. “Cloud Service Broker, or CSB, products, also sometimes called arbitrator, solve most of these issues,” Magrogan writes. “The management of the use, performance, and delivery of cloud services through an easy-to-use storefront has become critical in the modern enterprise. That is what a CSB does.” CSBs merge the cloud services that an enterprise is using into a single unified IT environment that is more flexible and efficient, while also allowing visibility across all of that enterprise’s services.

In his article, Magrogan discusses the difference between using CSBs to govern and enhance services from numerous cloud providers and trying to manage without one, and why, in today’s market, is it so advantageous to have a CSB to manage and unify services from disparate providers.

Magrogan also provides suggestions on how to find the right vendor for your company, and gives and overview of the current CSB vendor market. In effect, Magrogan says, “Cloud Service Broker products aim to create harmony among the clouds, while getting you the most bang for your buck.”

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