Facebook, Shutterstock Collaborate To Offer Advertisers Free Photos
August 23, 2013

Facebook, Shutterstock Collaborate To Offer Advertisers Free Photos

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Facebook will soon begin giving advertisers access to the Shutterstock library, a stock photo collection, to select images for their ads.

Advertisers will be able to access these images in Facebook’s ad creator in the next few days. Additionally, Facebook’s ad creator now allows for multiple image uploads, giving advertisers the ability to create multiple ads at a time for each campaign. With multiple ads, these promoters can test their market to better understand which ad earned them the most views. This multiple photo-uploading feature has also been rolled out to Facebook’s Pages Manager app for Android and iOS. The Pages Manager update also lets Page admins select new admins and even create new events and Pages on a mobile device.

“High-quality, engaging photos often increase the performance of ads, particularly in News Feed. And now, through our collaboration with Shutterstock, it will be easier for businesses to integrate beautiful photography into their Facebook ads,” says Facebook in an announcement of the new features.

Under the new system, businesses and page owners will be able to search through Shutterstock’s library of 25 million images directly from Facebook’s ad creator. Shutterstock is allowing these advertisers access to up to six images for their ads to determine which they most prefer. These images can then be placed in the ad and posted in the news feed for both mobile and desktop ads. Advertisers won’t be charged anything for access to these images.

Previously, advertisers were left to generate their own images to be used in their ads. Often this meant hiring either a photographer or graphic artist to generate the image, keeping in mind the image size and resolution. Small businesses might not have room for a professional in their budget and therefore may have been forced to use lower quality images, most likely sourced from a Google search.

Large businesses, on the other hand, will likely benefit most from the multiple-image upload feature. This will allow them to create multiple ads within the same campaign and upload them at once. Companies that run multiple ads at a time and churn through them quickly once had to load images one at a time, creating a lot of work for their online advertising team.

"Businesses of all sizes need compelling, high-quality imagery in order to compete and to communicate with their audiences," said Jon Oringer, Shutterstock’s founder and CEO in a statement. "We're working with Facebook to make it easier than ever for them to do just that."

Facebook has likely partnered with Shutterstock for the sake of uniformity, giving even the smallest business access to the same images as the larger advertisers. This also ensures every image, so long as Facebook can help it, will be of a certain caliber. Ugly ads aren’t just embarrassing for the owners, their embarrassing for Facebook and an eyesore to users.

Page owners will also likely appreciate having greater control over their respective Facebook pages. Those looking to upload multiple shots from their mobile device — for example, a bakery owner who took several shots of the daily offerings on their iPhone — no longer must upload pictures one by one. Creating events and other pages from a mobile device will likely also be appreciated by Page owners.