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Continuity Software Expands Service Availability Risk Management Portfolio with AvailabilityGuard/SAN

August 26, 2013

NEW YORK, August 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

– New Software Solution Detects Downtime and Data Loss Risks across Entire
Storage Area Network (SAN) – Ensures Consistent Compliance with Service Availability Goals

Continuity Software(TM) today announced it has expanded its award-winning family of
service availability risk management solutions with the addition of AvailabilityGuard/SAN
[http://www.continuitysoftware.com/availabilityguard_san ](TM). The new software solution
detects downtime and data loss risks across the entire Storage Area Network (SAN), further
ensuring that data protection and business continuity goals are consistently met.

The modern SAN has become very complex, made up of numerous vendors’ technologies and
managed by multiple teams. Keeping up with hundreds of instruction pages published
regularly by each storage, server, HBA, multipathing, virtualization, and other vendors at
all times is essentially impossible for any IT team. Configuration errors that violate
vendor best practices are practically inevitable in this dynamic environment.

Compounding the challenge for IT teams, with frequent changes made across the
environment and no single universal management tool, changes originating in one area of
the infrastructure are often not carried through to completion across other areas that are
managed by other teams.

AvailabilityGuard/SAN offers end-to-end visualization that allows IT teams to
coordinate activities across domains. Drawing on the strength of a community-supported
knowledgebase containing thousands of potential risks, the software proactively detects
risks, validates vendor best practices, and ensures the configuration is optimized.
AvailabilityGuard/SAN features:

        - Automatic daily verification of the SAN fabric
        - Validation that configuration changes do not introduce downtime and/or data
          loss risks
        - Impact review of configuration changes prior to deployment
        - Clear visibility into SAN configuration - end-to-end

“Historically, most IT organization have considered the SAN to be the fabric itself -
the storage, the switches, the HBAs connecting them and possibly the HBAs sitting in the
storage arrays as well. While these are critical components of the SAN, in order for the
SAN to function properly, you need to know what is happening above and below these
components. You really need to understand aspects such as the multipathing, the software
running on the host, the file systems, the servers, as well as the virtualization – as
virtualization adds a great deal of complexity between the storage, servers and
networking. In addition, you really need to understand the unique requirements of the
applications and databases,” said Arun Taneja, Founder and Consulting Analyst, Taneja
Group [http://tanejagroup.com ]. “The reality is however, in this era of highly dynamic
infrastructures spanning multiple IT support services, maintaining any semblance of true
understanding is easier said than done.” He continued, “AvailabilityGuard/SAN alleviates
this pain by providing a single pane of glass by which to view, understand and manage the
entire SAN.”

“Indeed, we see this at customer sites on a daily basis. Given the vast range of
vendor technologies combined with ever-changing conditions, maintaining complete
visibility and control has seemed like an unattainable ideal,” said William Weber,
President and CEO, Market Experts [http://www.markedist.com ], a Continuity Software
value-added distributor. “The scary part is however, that many customers are unaware of
just how ‘out-of-control’ their environment is, until it’s too late.” He continued,
“Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard/SAN will provide a welcome relief.”

“One of our most popular services is a one-week health check using AvailabilityGuard.
We scan up to 500 ports / 100 physical servers, with the results summarized in a complete
risk analysis report,” said Doron Pinhas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Continuity
Software [http://www.continuitysoftware.com ]. “100% of those assessed to-date have
uncovered gaps and other vulnerabilities they were completely unaware of, many associated
with critical systems.” He continued, “By providing customers with automated daily
verification, complete visualization and comprehensive reporting and analysis,
AvailabilityGuard/SAN reduces data loss and downtime risks by over 90%, thereby ensuring
the highest levels of data protection and service availability possible, while also
significantly increasing the overall efficiency of their SAN fabric.”

The new AvailabilityGuard/SAN [http://www.continuitysoftware.com/availabilityguard_san
] solution expands upon what is already the most comprehensive portfolio of service
availability risk management solutions available: Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard(
TM) product suite, which includes:

        - AvailabilityGuard/Enterprise
          [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguardenterprise ](TM): provides
          IT organizations with comprehensive command and control capabilities to manage
          service availability and business continuity readiness across their entire IT
        - AvailabilityGuard/DR
          [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguarddr ](TM): enables IT
          organizations to proactively detect disaster recovery (DR) vulnerabilities that could
          lead to downtime and/or data loss.
        - AvailabilityGuard/Cluster
          [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguardcluster ](TM): continuously
          monitors high availability (HA) cluster configurations to identify downtime and data
          loss risks.
        - AvailabilityGuard/Cloud
          [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguardcloud ](TM): provides
          automated detection and analysis of potential availability risks in the private cloud

By combining AvailabilityGuard/SAN with AvailabilityGuard/Enterprise customers enjoy
comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and protection across every component in the data
center, from the clusters, to the HA and DR infrastructure, across the SAN, and into the

AvailabilityGuard/SAN [http://www.continuitysoftware.com/availabilityguard_san ] is
now generally available and priced starting at: $20,000 per year.

Customers interested in learning more about and/or registering for an
AvailabilityGuard One Week Health Check can contact: sales@continuitysoftware.com.

About Continuity Software

Continuity Software is the leading provider of service availability risk management
solutions. Trusted by many of the largest and most successful companies around the world,
Continuity Software’s award-winning software mitigates downtime and data-loss risks across
the entire enterprise IT landscape
[http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguardenterprise ], including the
datacenter’s disaster recovery [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguarddr
], high availability [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguardcluster ]
(HA), and private cloud [http://continuitysoftware.com/products/availabilityguardcloud ]
environments. With Continuity Software solutions, organizations can be confident that
service availability, data protection, and business continuity goals will be met or
exceeded 365 days a year. For further information, please visit
http://www.continuitysoftware.com, email info@continuitysoftware.com, or call:
+1-888-782-8170 (United States) or +972 (3) 6470888 (Israel).

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