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August 26, 2013

In the news release, Strike Technologies Microwave Network Enables 4.17 Microsecond Latencies Between CME And NASDAQ Datacenters, issued 26-Aug-2013 by Strike Technologies Services LLC over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that in the release headline, it should read “4.17 Millisecond Latencies” rather than “4.17 Microsecond Latencies” and in the first paragraph, second sentence, it should read “4.17 milliseconds” rather than “4.17 microseconds” as originally issued inadvertently. The complete, corrected release follows:

Strike Technologies Microwave Network Enables 4.17 Millisecond Latencies Between CME And NASDAQ Datacenters

Upgrades to StrikeNET Include New Discretionary Bandwidth Packages

NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Strike Technologies Services LLC today announced the completion of a major upgrade to StrikeNET, its ultra-low-latency microwave network connecting the CME and NASDAQ datacenters at Carteret, NJ, and Aurora, IL. StrikeNET now offers customers the ability to transmit data at record speeds of 4.17 milliseconds as measured from rack to rack. Using proprietary technology, StrikeNET is capable of fully optimizing scarce microwave bandwidth through unique compression methods, while at the same time dynamically adjusting operating specifications for weather conditions in order to provide record-breaking reliability. The network has been live and operational for the past six months and is consistently providing availability greater than 99.7%.

“This latest upgrade to our network positions StrikeNET as the best-in-class commercial microwave offering at a customer-friendly balance between reasonable pricing, high reliability and extreme low-latency,” said Shawn Melamed, Global Head of Commercial Products at Strike Technologies. “We believe that all capital markets firms should have access to microwave links between financial centers without the costly engineering and construction outlays required to build, operate or integrate this transformational technology. We’ve done the hard work; all customers have to do is order a cross-connect to seamlessly integrate and start transmitting data.”

Customers will continue to benefit from StrikeNET’s latency-reduction roadmap. The offering is now available in 5MB and 10MB discretionary bandwidth packages. To order microwave based market data packages customers can contact StrikeNET partners: NASDAQ OMX and the CME Group.

About Strike Technologies Services, LLC
Strike Technologies Services LLC is a solutions provider and technology R&D company focused on innovations that drive the backbone of financial markets. Its commercial solutions include the StrikeRisk pre- and post-trade risk management system and the StrikeNET long- and short-haul microwave and millimeter data networks. Strike’s customer base includes the world’s largest securities/derivative exchanges, investment banks, and trading firms. Additional information is available at www.striketechnologies.com.

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