Epic Force Leads the Way in Deployment Automation, Releasing a New Software called Leroy.

September 5, 2013

Epic Force, with the release of Leroy, has extended its foray into build and release automation, leading the way in application deployment automation software innovation both within the U.S. and globally. Leroy is an application deployment engine designed to allow developers, system administrators or devops engineers to create their own application deployment automation workflows to be used standalone, or part of any build automation system like Jenkins or Team City.

Chapel Hil, NC (PRWEB) September 05, 2013

Leroy is a fast, lean threaded tool that is written for multiple platforms in C++. It consists of two major components: the agent and the controller. The agents are run on any system one wishes to perform tasks on. They do not listen on a port. Instead, they reach out to the controller and wait for it to come online. The controller contains all the configuration and artifacts needed to perform a deployment to all environments and is launched on demand. Meeting the requirements of agile software development, Leroy provides the complete picture for continuous integration and continuous deployment. Best of all, Leroy is free to use for commercial and non-commercial use under the creative commons license.

Jason Korth, co-creator of Leroy at Epic Force, describes the intentions while developing Leroy and plans for the software’s future, “One of the main design goals Epic Force kept central during Leroy’s development phase was to provide a simplified programming language to describe the deployment of an application to all environments, end-to-end, in an easy to read and common format. We also kept many uses in mind for Leroy such as an application development automation framework, as an extension in an existing build tool to provide automation deployment capabilities, and/or as a configuration management tool. We are very excited to release Leroy and receive public feedback, especially from software engineers and system administrators. Once we receive initial feedback, we plan to then release additional uses for Leroy including the ability to use Leroy as a library for an existing application to have an auto-update capability.”

The Leroy Development Team is seeking additional participants for its closed beta version of Leroy. Qualified participants include organizations or companies who need an application they are building or buying to be automatically deployed in product and non-production environments. Leroy’s application team will assist these qualified participants in setting up automation. Interested applicants can email engineering(at)leroydeploy(dot)com

In addition to providing an innovative software deployment engine, Leroy’s team consists of highly skilled developers who provide excellent customer service and support for its product through the beta version of Leroy to public release of the software. For more information on Leroy please contact the Leroy engineering team through email: engineering(at)leroydeploy(dot)com

Website: http://www.leroydeploy.com/

646.741.8496 x1337

Epic Force, established in 2002 is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and has been providing build and release automation consulting to the majority of the Fortune 100 within the U.S. for over 7 years. Additionally, Epic Force has a global presence, serving customers in Europe and abroad including in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Epic Force provides on-site and off-site consulting services, setting up every aspect of a company’s build and deployment automation process. Epic Force’s number one priority is developing innovative software to deliver best-in-class products and service to its clients and the public and serve as a leader within the build and release automation industry.

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