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Live Video Interaction From Your Website

September 6, 2013

BRUSSELS, September 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Meet face-to-face with your website visitors

Attended by Humans (TM) (http://www.attendedbyhumans.com) is changing the way you
interact with your website visitors. It allows high quality personal interaction from your
website. It turns your website into an advanced communication tool. This VaaS (Video as a
Service) application is the first one of its kind.

Teleportel announces Attended by Humans (TM) : a quantum-leap, cloud-based service ;
designed for video interaction. From your website.

Attended by Humans(TM) enables website owners to expand their scope to include
interactive, live communication with their website visitors. This cloud-based application
does exactly what the name suggests : it enables a website owner to have the website
‘attended by real people’. Just like a shop or an information counter. This new service
allows visitors to a website to communicate live with remote service agents by simply
clicking the button on the website.

This VaaS solution (Video as a Service) is aimed at corporate and government
organizations. It is very suitable for a variety of applications such as e-commerce,
support, training, recruitment, etc…

The website visitor chooses between viewing pre-recorded content or a live connection
with a real person. The visitor deploys a PC or Tablet using Internet, WiFi or 4G. There
is no need to download any software. The service information agents do not need any
software either. They can simply connect from their existing workstations. A specialized
device is supplied to the agent to ensure alignment of eye-contact with the visitor.
Genuine eye-contact does make a big difference in the experience of the visitor – it
conveys trust and establishes rapport.

Attended by Humans (TM) features include : high quality video communication, sizeable
video window, audio communication – also with landlines and GSM, text chatting,
intelligent ‘skills based’ routing (who takes which call, when), media player with IVVR
management, data collaboration and detailed statistical reporting.

Attended by Humans (TM) does not only improve the service to the customers but it also
increases conversion rates and reduces bounce rates. Because there is no better time to
meet with your customer than when he or she is visiting your website ! The end-result :
better service and higher sales.

For more information

http://www.attendedbyhumans.com and


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