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MiiPC to Reveal First-glimpse of Family-friendly PC at IFA

September 6, 2013

BERLIN, September 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Hit Kickstarter project set out to fight Internet addictiveness in young

adults by redefining family computing

MiiPC [http://www.miipc.com ], the first family-friendly PC on Android, will be
revealing their hotly anticipated device at this year’s IFA. The MiiPC has been designed
to address the challenge faced by parents who want their children to enjoy the internet in
a safe environment and help guide them to a healthy online experience, without the worry
of internet addiction.

MiiPC is redefining family computing and offers parents the chance to set online
boundaries for each child, starting from as little as $129, it comes with a HDMI
connection and three USB ports so it can be hooked up to computer monitors and most modern
TVs providing a true keyboard and mouse experience. By allowing parents to monitor each
child’s activities through an iOS and Android Companion Mobile App, MiiPC provides a clear
reporting mechanism for parents to lower the risk of distraction and help their children
to focus on their homework, while giving rewards with access to more games through the
MiiPC Web App Center depending on a child’s needs.

With recent studies from Plos One
[http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0020708 ] showing
Internet Addictive Disorder (IAD) causes the same changes to the brain as that of other
kinds of addiction, such as alcohol and drugs, parents are suddenly finding themselves
searching for a solution. With research questions including ‘Do you feel nervous,
temperamental, depressed, or sensitive when trying to reduce or quit Internet use’ and
‘Have you lied to your family members, therapist, or others to hide the truth of your
involvement with the Internet’, the study found half of their test subjects were confirmed
to having Internet Addictive Disorder.

Young Song, Founder of MiiPC, explains: “With the ever present worry of our children
becoming addicted to the internet, and kids today being so technologically sound as to get
around any security features parents might put up, we wanted to give parents a fighting
chance in tackling this growing problem. It’s a scary thought when you discover your child
is spending hours a day on a website you know nothing about, only to discover it has been
in the news lately for it’s bullying culture”.

By creating a family computer which helps focus a child’s attention to what is
important, MiiPC is the perfect computer for parents and families. When used, MiiPC allows
parents the option to set content and time allowance parameters for each member of the
family individually via the remote parental control app. This can also be used to remotely
shut off unsuitable content to safeguard their children or limit individual family
member’s time allowance for sites and apps such as social media in order to give them
healthy parameters online in which to roam. Parents can additionally monitor each child’s
usage remotely, whether they’re at work, the supermarket, or out at a restaurant, assuring
their online experience is being used wisely.

Such is the parental demand for a child friendly computer system, MiiPC smashed its
initial funding goal in less than 24 hours from its official launch on Kickstarter
[http://www.miipc.com/kickstarter ]. The majority of MiiPCs early backers were parents who
shared the safety concerns of MiiPCs creator, Young Song.

“It’s clear that the internet has a lot to offer young people and they should be
trusted to use it, but as a concerned parent myself I also understand the fear that many
other parents share about their children being online.” says Young, “With MiiPC, it
provides flexible solution for parents to set boundaries for kids of different ages, with
time and application management, multi-user interface and remote parental control
features. The MiiPC provides a positive balance between control and enjoyment”.

Key features of MiiPC

        - Companion MiiPC Mobile App, available on Android and iOS, and the Parental
          Web portal from any browser allow parents to monitor and adjust their children's
          activities in real time, whether they're at home or out of the house
        - MiiPC Web App Center consists of over 500 hand-picked web apps to choose from
          including games, education, photo, music, storage, media/news, etc.
        - Multi-user accounts can be set-up for different family members, giving each
          different access to suitable apps and games.
        - Available in 2 colors including; Glossy White and Jet Black
        - MiiPC is a fully functioning computer that runs on only 8.5 - 10 watts - 10x
          less than the average computer, so environmentally friendly and cheaper to run

Full specifications

        - MiiPC runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
        - Processor: Marvell's(R) award-winning ARMADA(R) 1500 Family of Processors
        - Storage: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC Internal Flash and expandable via SD slot and
          USB port
        - System RAM: 1GB/2GB DDR3 SDRAM
        - Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet Port, and Bluetooth (4.0)
        - Connect to TV: HDMI (1080p/720p) output
        - I/O: 3 USB 2.0 Ports, Speaker & Built-in Microphone
        - Free MiiPC Companion Mobile App for iOS and Android

*Keyboard, mouse & HDMI cable are sold separately

You can pre-order MiiPC now at: http://www.miipc.com

Notes to Editor

Press ready screenshots, headshot and MiiPC logos are available here
[https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w9dq1qkd9utpg1q/mPnu5Uld7H ]

About MiiPC http://www.miipc.com http://www.miipc.com http://www.miipc.com

MiiPC has been created by a team of developers at ZeroDesktop, Inc, based in Silicon

ZeroDesktop, Inc. is a leading developer of next generation Cloud Operating System and
Cloud Service Brokerage Solutions for Consumers, Telecoms, OEMs, ISVs and Enterprises. The
ZeroDesktop Infrastructure aggregates scattered digital content from local storage,
network drives and cloud services providing unified access by PCs, tablets and mobile

This is ZeroDesktop’s first product that combines hardware and software aimed at the
consumer marketplace. ZeroDesktop is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and has employees
worldwide with development centers in both Silicon Valley and Europe. Their technologies
are licensed to leading Telcoms, OEMs and ISVs in Europe and Asia, which combine their
software expertise in Cloud technologies along with their own personal understanding and
experience of family struggles with the Internet led them to conceive of MiiPC.

Find MiiPC on Facebook [http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miipc/164658463684389 ] and
Twitter [https://twitter.com/MiiPC4kids ] @MiiPC4kids.



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