Waterproof iPad Cases Releases Rankings with Help of Impressions Holdings

September 6, 2013

Impressions Holdings launched Waterproof iPad Cases not long ago, but the interesting information provided on the site has been drawing more and more visitors as time goes on. Now, Impressions has released a ranking of their favorite Waterproof iPad Cases.

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) September 06, 2013

Waterproof iPad Cases' website has recently released their ranking of top cases that will protect these expensive devices even while underwater with the online marketing and web services provided by Impressions Holdings. The list includes the ten best cases money can buy for an iPad whether for scuba diving, studying ocean life or simply lounging around the beach. Some people even think that the ability to use an iPad underwater can even help humans better understand marine life.

The cases in the top three places are from iDive, Liveproof and DiveX. The iDive Waterproof iPad Housing leads the pack thanks to the designer's attention to detail. Development happened at the Red Sea Research Center and it works up to 100 feet deep while still being able to snap photos and use the touchscreen.

The Liveproof Nüüd might have a funny name, but this case is serious business. It provides a waterproof seal around the device, including the headphone jack. It allows users to take picture-clear photos while the case is installed. However, the Nüüd is only guaranteed to work under 6.6 feet of water up to one hour at a time.

The number three spot is has gone to an iPad case that even allows for remote control of the camera on the iPad. This case is the Dive Xtras Underwater Housing which is compatible with a variety of devices so the user is not limited to just the iPad. The surface works like a magnetic mouse so users can do whatever they want with their tablet or phone.

Plenty of other impressive devices made the list. Many of them promise shock resistance in addition to waterproofing. These cases also protect from sand so users can rest assured that their iPad will be safe whether in the pool, at the beach, or at depth.

Waterproof iPad Cases updates its list of the best protective coverings for iPad tablets. Manufacturers can submit their cases for review and evaluation. Consumers can expect to see new products with every new release of the iPad, which Apple generally announces every fall. Because waterproof cases are so new, the website has only been around for a short while; however, consumers should check back with the website to see as new developments come about. It's not just hardware that's progressing. Manufacturers like iDive is now working with app developers to make underwater-specific apps for the future.

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