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ISI Security Group Announces Unified Brand

September 12, 2013

All ISI Security businesses, including ISI, MCS, Com-Tec, PDI, and MCS Fire & Security will be consolidated under one brand.

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ISI Security Group, a Texas-based company and the industry leader in critical security solutions in both the commercial sector and correctional facilities market announces that it will unify its subsidiary companies under one brand. ISI Security values the importance of being customer-focused, responsible and proactive and is a proven provider of physical and electronic security systems in the detention, government, manufacturing, medical, financial and defense markets. As part of the rebranding process, ISI Security will also launch a new centralized website which will feature the products and services offered by all of its business units.

“Unification of our businesses under one brand will help us to deliver a clear and concise message to the market,” says Ray Gilley, President/CEO of ISI Security. “Our message is that we are a proven provider in both products and customer-focused services for our client’s electronic and physical security needs, whether it be in the commercial space or in correctional and detention facilities,” continued Gilley.

ISI Security and its business units are comprised of ISI, MCS, Com-Tec, PDI and MCS Fire & Security. Each of ISI Security’s businesses specializes in specific products and services related to electronic security, physical security and detention center equipment and software design. ISI Security is the industry leader in detention center equipment such as command center controls (both hardware and software), furniture, wire mesh, steel casings and locks and doors. ISI security is a highly professional, service driven organization that provides clients with design-build, documentation, maintenance and monitoring of their physical and electronic security needs in both the commercial and detention facility markets. Their technology-centric, security systems include innovative video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire alarm and mass notification systems. With over 300 employees, ISI security has offices in every major metropolitan area in Texas, California, Wisconsin, New York and serves the entire country.

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ISI Security is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Over the past two decades, ISI Security has built an organization considered to be a forerunner of the security industry, whose innovative and revolutionary practices have resulted in a fully integrated line of products and services that provide unsurpassed solutions for commercial and government projects. ISI Security is the leading provider of physical and electronic security solutions. Operated by a respected team of professionals and a seasoned management group with a winning track record, ISI Security provides its customers with world-class results and exceptional service.

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