Internet Proxy Server Opens Door to UK, US and Japan Online

September 12, 2013

idcloak releases a free Internet Proxy Server with server locations in the US, UK and Japan so users may unblock georestricted content online as well as browse anonymously.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

idcloak launches a free Web Proxy Online which allows users to access the internet via a UK, US or Japanese IP address. The release is expected to generate considerable interest among users seeking web content that is normally only available inside these countries. A recurring example is when YouTube uploaders only publish their videos to a regional audience.

idcloak’s Robin Welles explains how the web proxy works, “Users connect to the proxy through our site using an interface that resembles a search engine. They enter the URL of whichever page they wish to visit from the UK, US or Japan, select the server country from the More Options menu, and hit Surf. That’s all there is to it. Our remote server will then request the web page and display it on the idcloak site for the user. He or she may then interact with it normally – all from the site-based platform.”

Because the web proxy is high-anonymity, the user’s access to the content is fully anonymized. This is not only instrumental for unblocking georestricted content, but carries additional privacy benefits as well.

“Many of our proxy users do not need to access restricted content, they just want to visit a site without their IP identity showing up on visitor logs. For the same reason they activate private browsing on their browser to clear browsing history from their computer, our proxy clears it from the internet itself.”

Asked how the choice of three different servers might help anonymous surfers of this kind, Welles replies that “users should always connect to the nearest country for best browsing speed. By offering three servers we provide short connection routes and distribute the overall load. Both factors combined make our proxy faster than any other out there.”

The web proxy additionally includes SSL encryption as well as Encrypt URL and Page functions, “When everything the user requests is transferred in encrypted form, they can feel safe that no intermediary monitors will see their requests. ISPs and network administrators will just observe secure code passing to and from the user.”

The free proxy release comes just weeks in advance of idcloak’s launch of a software-based elite VPN service, which offers the choice of many more countries, tougher security and faster connections. A special discount is currently available for advance subscribers.

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