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Apical Releases Version 8 of its Local Tone Map Core iridix

September 13, 2013

LONDON, September 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Apical today announced the release of the latest generation of its local tone map core

iridix is a precise digital model of the way the eye adapts to lighting variations,
based on Apical’s extensive research into human vision. It is employed in digital cameras
and smartphones to improve the visibility of shadow and highlight detail, making captured
photos and videos look more natural and close to the appearance of the real scene.

iridix is a highly efficient and accurate local tone map engine, adjusting each pixel
of each frame dynamically to match the processing which occurs in the retina. First
deployed in Nikon digital cameras, it has been integrated into hundreds of millions of
consumer devices and has been behind many real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) functions.
For HDR sensors, iridix 8 can compress dynamic range from 160dB to 60dB standard output
with complete preservation of image detail.

iridix 8 is the result of several years’ intensive R&D aimed at implementing the most
advanced and accurate image processing algorithms in a compact, low power silicon core.

Says Michael Tusch, CEO Apical, “In iridix 8 we have tried to incorporate all we have
learned about the effect of local tone mapping on camera image fidelity in a wide range of
applications. I think it’s a pretty big step forward in this kind of technology.”

iridix 8 is integrated into Apical’s Assertive Camera image signal processor

About Apical

Apical specializes in advanced image and video processing technology for embedded
applications. The company’s products are derived from original research into the human
visual system and are designed to maximize the performance of a wide range of image
capture and display devices. Apical works primarily with OEMs and semiconductor
manufacturers for whom high-performance imaging is a key differentiator. Apical is a
privately held company based in the UK.



Source: PR Newswire