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Invoke Capital Makes First Investment in Fundamental Cyber Security Technology

September 16, 2013

LONDON and CAMBRIDGE, England, September 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Invoke Capital, a technology fund vehicle dedicated to unlocking the potential of
European technology, has made its first investment in Darktrace, a cyber security company
that offers a new approach to cyber defense based on ground-breaking mathematical research
out of the University of Cambridge.

Invoke is a new type of technology investor that combines a deep understanding of
technology with financial, commercial and marketing expertise to turn fundamental ideas
into real world products, and help them scale.

“We are delighted to announce our first investment in a genuinely innovative company,
in such a critical area as cyber security,” commented Dr Mike Lynch, founder of Invoke
Capital. “Darktrace brings a radically different solution to the challenge of protecting
our information in today’s environment of cyber-threat. It is an inherently mathematical
approach that does not seek to block information flow, but rather understand it, in all
its practical complexity and subtlety.”

Based on a breakthrough in mathematical research and development at the University of
Cambridge, Darktrace’s revolutionary technology is anchored on a new branch of Recursive
Bayesian Estimation theory. The founders of UK-based Darktrace have a combined seventy
years’ experience in cyber operations, working with governments, military forces and
private companies across the world to keep citizens and critical national infrastructures

Darktrace begins with the premise that a network has already been infiltrated – and
that some of the risk might come from a company’s own employees. Legacy technologies have
focused on protecting assets through a virtual version of putting locks on all the doors
and windows, but that is no longer viable in an interconnected world without stifling
commercial operations.

Steve Huxter, managing director of Darktrace, said, “The threat to companies and
institutions from cyber espionage, hacking and cyber-crime is real and growing, and needs
a sophisticated approach. Our combination of fundamental behavioural technology and
expertise in cyber operations at the highest level, means that we offer a solution to the
number one agenda item of boardrooms everywhere. This is something that Mike Lynch and the
team at Invoke Capital have recognised and we are really pleased to have secured their

About Invoke Capital

Invoke Capital Partners was founded by Dr Mike Lynch, members of the senior management
team from Autonomy, and a group of technology experts, with access to $1bn in capital.
Invoke is focused on maximizing the potential of European fundamental technology by using
its unique expertise and repositioning experience to rapidly scale them across multiple
markets. It is the only investment team in Europe with a dedicated, in-house R&D division,
based in Cambridge, UK. The Invoke team has grown multiple technology businesses with
particular expertise and experience in science and technology allowing them to identify
and develop core technologies in areas including genomics, security, pattern recognition,
signal processing and big data. http://www.invokecapital.com

About Darktrace

Darktrace, the leader in intelligence-led Behavioural Cyber Defense, uses advanced
mathematics to automatically detect abnormal behavior in organizations in order manage
risks from cyber-attacks. Unlike software that reads log files or puts locks on doors,
Darktrace’s approach allows enterprises to protect their information and intellectual
property from state sponsored, criminal groups or malicious employees whom are already
inside the networks of every critical infrastructure company. Darktrace combines decades
of government cyber threat expertise with world-leading University of Cambridge
mathematicians, and software engineers who have experience deploying the largest, most
sensitive software. http://www.darktrace.com

SOURCE Invoke Capital

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