September 19, 2013

Extreme Global Demand For iOS 7 And iPhone 5S

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online

Apple released their brand new, redesigned mobile operating system, iOS 7 yesterday to a massive rush of demand. Now adoption rates within the first day of availability have surpassed that of last year’s iOS 6. The interest in Apple’s new products doesn’t stop there; news from the other side of the world shows supply of the new iPhone 5S is already struggling to meet demand, with some shipping estimates already being pushed back seven to ten days. The gold iPhone 5S, the first Apple smartphone not in black or white, seems to be the most popular, followed by white and “Space Gray.” American customers have yet to get their hands on these new devices, but based on current demand elsewhere in the world, many are expecting long lines at the Apple Store and sold out stock.

Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel claims the iOS 7 adoption rate is already at 36 percent in the first 24 hours of availability. A second analytics firm, Chitika, says they’ve seen adoption rates nearing 18 percent, three percentage points higher than iOS 6 last year.

“This level of adoption represents another proverbial feather in the cap of Apple, as it bests the impressive adoption rates of iOS 6 in the same time period last year,” reads a statement by Chitika.

Apple’s over the air updates and broad inclusion of devices is once again being discussed on various blogs and Twitter, as pundits compare these impressive adoption rates to a typical Android launch.

As the iPhone 5C and 5S launched earlier today in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, reports are coming in that stock is already running low. This is causing some American customers who planned to have one of Apple’s latest smartphones on the day of launch to rethink their plans. In Australia, for instance, every version of the iPhone 5S is now only available with a seven to ten day wait. Previously, Apple has launched the iPhone to Australia, the UK and US first before launching to China and other western countries. The Cupertino company surprised many, then, when they announced they’d be selling to China on the day of launch. This, in conjunction with rumors of short supply of new components, is leading some to believe the supply to the US will be just as low, if not lower. Already in Hong Kong and Singapore, customers are being told their new iPhone 5S will arrive next month.

British Carrier O2 has already said they won’t have any 5S units on release day, forcing their customers to order the new phone later on. 9to5Mac has been placing calls to their carrier contacts, and while they don’t specifically mention any names, they claim that only the 5S in Space Gray will be available in stores on launch day, as the gold and white iPhone 5S are proving to be popular the world over. Some carriers told them, however, that customers would be able to order all colors and models through their online store.

Journalists and fans alike have been keeping their eye on pre-order stock in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Unlike the States, these countries were allowed to pre-order the phone and reserve their units. Not long after pre-orders went live, all 5S models, save the 16 GB Space Gray model, were unavailable for pre-order.