Super Affiliates Spill the Beans on Copy that Converts for PC HealthBoost™

September 19, 2013

What does it take to create pay per click ads that convert and make a profit? PPC advertising is often scary for new affiliates, but the Boost Affiliates program is offering up solid advice from super affiliates on how to get it done.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

New affiliate marketers who don't know where to start writing sales copy, as well as experienced affiliates looking to improve their game, may want to check out the new Boost Affiliates affiliate training course. In it, super affiliates such as Amit Mehta, a seven-figure super-affiliate and owner of the popular PC Health Boost ™ software, share the techniques that pushed them from three to five figures profit every month.

Mehta unveils his process for creating ads in a training module entitled “Driving Traffic”. He explains the three most important elements of writing pay per click ads (PPC), as well as how to manage a PPC campaign. The module also includes several example advertisements and an extensive keywords list.

Next, in the module entitled “Sample Ads and Copy That Converts,” the Boost Software™ Vice President of Business Development Brock Bourne asks, “Are you ready to write those killer ads that EVERYONE will click? Well, so am I.”

Bourne then goes on to explain that there is no such thing as a perfect ad. Instead, affiliates should do the best they can to constantly come up with new ads to test against each other. Bourne cites constant testing as the key to high converting ads and affiliate success.

To help new affiliates make sales and give experienced affiliates material to improve existing sales, Bourne then shares some of his best PPC ads and ad elements. Affiliates can combine his 8 headlines with 6 sections of body copy in various combinations to create a total of 48 ads to test.

Bourne also explains the three critical elements of successful banner ads and visual advertisements. The module includes four tested examples, and links to another nearly 80 tested, proven-to-convert advertisements that Boost Affiliates provides for its software affiliates. (More are scheduled to be provided in the future.)

Bourne concludes the training for how to write ads with a module called “The Ultimate Split Test.” Bourne tells readers that split testing is the most important thing that any person will do in their affiliate career.

He then details the hows and whys of testing, showing out a fraction of a percentage point in effectiveness can equate to major gain (or loss) in any software affiliate's campaign.

Boost Affiliates is the affiliate marketing arm of Boost Software™. The software company recently added its flagship product, PC HealthBoost™, to the ClickBank network after three years of testing and campaign optimization. Interested software affiliates can learn more at http://boostaffiliates.com/members.

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