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Innovative BAUNAT: First Diamond Jewellery Brand Selling Diamonds as an Investment

September 23, 2013

ANTWERP, Belgium, September 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Imagine Cartier, Boucheron, Dior and the likes selling loose diamonds as an
investment? Hard to believe, taking into account the enormous premium margins they take on
their sold diamond jewellery. In fact, selling the diamonds at their intrinsic value would
undermine these brands’ jewellery business.

Not so for BAUNAT, worldwide recognized as the first (and today still only) online
diamond jewellery brand (http://www.baunat.com), contrasting to a large contingent of
online generic – supermarket like – diamond jewelers, with US based Bluenile being the
pioneer. In response to supply and demand indicators projecting a structural increase of
diamond prices on the world market, BAUNAT is proud to announce the launching of
http://www.baunatdiamonds.com, a comprehensive site in 6 languages (English, French,
Dutch, Spanish, German and Chinese, with Portuguese & Russian to follow in 2014). Via this
site, which is unique in its kind, BAUNAT DIAMONDS positions itself as the worldwide
reference for diamond related purchases & investments (minimum budget: EUR 10000,-),
aiming at offering the best price/quality ratio to maximize the chances for future
profitability of its clients’ diamond investments.

By doing so, BAUNAT manages to do where established brands have failed so far. Indeed,
by entering into this promising segment, BAUNAT becomes the first and only diamond
jewellery brand selling also loose diamonds as an investment.

This unique positioning is due to BAUNAT’s core brand values whereby proposed prices
always reflect the intrinsic value of the underlying components of the offered products
and services. Credit to this is BAUNAT’s exceptional ability to buy diamonds at the source
at the best possible prices (via a carefully developed network of ‘niche’ diamond
manufacturers, mainly located in Surat, India), complemented by an ingrained corporate
culture to eliminate all possible intermediaries. No way to pay extra for process- and
cost inefficiencies, which do not contribute to the quality of the final product. As this
unique price/quality philosophy is obviously very suitable to accommodate the needs of the
investment diamond client segment, for BAUNAT – contrary to the traditional diamond
jewellery brands – both the diamond jewellery and investment diamonds business lines
neatly complement each other.

BAUNAT, an innovative Belgian diamond jewellery brand, was established in 2008 in
Antwerp, the world centre of the diamond trade. BAUNAT exports its high end branded
diamond jewellery and investment diamonds to more than 50 countries, of which 75 % online
& 25 % via showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, Geneva & Hong Kong. Both http://www.baunat.com
and http://www.baunatdiamonds.com are today accessible in 6 languages (English,
French, Dutch, Spanish, German & Chinese, with Portuguese and Russian to follow in 2014)
and 4 currencies. In 2014 & 2015 new offices are planned in India, China, Brazil & Russia.


Click here for supporting pictures: http://www.baunatdiamonds.com/en/pictures


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