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Talent Neuron Launches Strategic Workforce Planning Toolkit

September 25, 2013

SANTA CLARA, California, September 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Provides Roadmap to Deploy Right People with Right Skills at Right Time in

the Right Locations

Talent Neuron, a Zinnov Company, today announced the launch of a unique Workforce
Planning Toolkit, aimed at enabling organizations to forecast and address talent
management requirements based on business goals. Launched at a time when talent is a
critical differentiator for global organizations in the knowledge era, the Talent Neuron
Workforce Planning Toolkit provides data-driven insights based on quantified cost-benefits
and optimizes talent for specific business outcomes.

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To assist the companies in evaluating the value of the Workforce planning initiatives,
Talent Neuron is providing the ‘Workforce Planning ROI Calculator’ free to download on its


        - 1 in 5 new employees leave within their first year
        - 1 out of 4 workers today is working for a company s/he has been employed by
          for less than one year
        - By 2020, there will be a shortage of 1.5 million college grads
        - US will face a shortage of more than 200,000 workers by 2018
        - In 10 years, India will have two college aspirants for every job opportunity
        - If you took every single job in the U.S. today and shipped it to China, China
          would still have a labor surplus

Talent management has become the #1 issue for CXOs who want to create a
high-performance culture. Today there are four key trends that are impacting workforce

        1) Talent is moving out of the Silicon Valley and taking on global roles,
          with many firms vying for talent with similar skills. In fact, Talent Neuron research
          indicates that demand for key skills is expected to increase by over 50 percent in
          2013. Talent Neuron analysis also revealed that 120 people moved out of the region for
          every 100 moving into the valley.
        2) Regulatory policies around ending quantitative easing are causing shifts in
          the business environment in the US; new markets in emerging locations are showing
        3) Cost arbitrage for talent in global locations is creating new opportunities
          and engagement models. At the same time, Tier-II cities in the US and other global
          locations are becoming very conducive for technology business operations. Talent
          Neuron analysis identified tier-II locations in the US as being 18-25 percent more
          affordable than tier-I cities.
        4) Newer markets around the world are also opening up, a case in point being US
          government investments in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya,
          expected to increase 2X. At the same time, HR and business costs are under pressure
          even as the C-Suite is facing margin pressures. Talent Neuron has found that 18
          percent of CFOs are dealing with over-capacity, while 26 percent are challenged by
          changing cost structures.

Talent Neuron Workforce Planning Toolkit is a strategic and integrated approach for
defining and addressing the most critical talent implications of business strategies and
plans (both at skill and staffing levels). It aims to create long-term talent-management
strategies that address critical gaps/surpluses, considering the business resources,
cultural and change management commitments. It further assists in using those strategies
as a context within which effective short-term talent management decisions (such as hires,
development, retention, etc.) are made, in effect ensuring that the right talent with the
right skills at the right time and cost is available.

Features and benefits of the Workforce Planning Toolkit

Talent Neuron Workforce Planning Toolkit is based on and integrated with the
organization’s business strategy, with a future focus on emerging skills and job families.
While providing a global view, the Workforce Planning Toolkit utilizes business
forecasting processes and methodology, similar to those used in finance, marketing and

The toolkit helps identify mission-critical roles and job families that are
“make-or-break” for business performance through internal processes and external filters.
It provides gap analysis between forecasted supply and predicted demand, with
comprehensive visibility into headcount surplus or shortfalls. The interactive modeler has
pre-built algorithms and industry data to assist HR leaders to model the scenarios best
suited for their organization. Recommendations and insights are based on survey data and
numbers that quantify the costs and benefits of HR initiatives, while organizations can
also benefit from consulting support from Talent Neuron.

Commenting on the launch, Vijay Swami, CEO, Talent Neuron, said, “HR leaders today
largely operate with workforce planning data that is qualitative in nature, showcasing
intangible benefits and predicted costs at a time when business leaders are looking for
quantitative data and real-life scenarios. Strategic workforce planning, in contrast,
enables organizations to take control of their future through data-driven analytics,
helping them anticipate talent needs, minimize labor costs and take advantage of arbitrage
opportunities. We believe that the Talent Neuron Workforce Planning Toolkit is much-needed
in the dynamic global people-management environment, even as organizations look to make
factual and informed decisions around workforce planning.”

Workforce planning helps organizations to save bottom-line dollars and as well as
increase throughput dollars.

The ROI of workforce planning is usually not well understood by the funding powers in
an organization. The cost of what it takes to run an effective workforce planning process
is understated or misunderstood. Talent Neuron toolkit has frameworks, processes, data
elements and other relevant components to calculate the ROI effectively. Also, Talent
Neuron consultants will provide consolidated set of learning’s that will influence the ROI
of workforce planning.

Commenting on the ROI Modeler being distributed free, Vamsee Tirukkala, EVP of Talent
Neuron, said, “Its important for HR leaders to articulate the benefits and ROI of
workforce planning. We want to empower HR stakeholders with best in class tools and
innovative models to strengthen the case for workforce planning. We believe using our ROI
modeler will take enterprises one step closer to Deploy Right People with Right Skills at
Right Time in the Right Locations.”

Click here to download the Free ROI Modeler: http://talentneuron.com/wpt.html

About Talent Neuron

Talent Neuron is an innovative web based talent planning & talent management platform.
Talent Neuron helps HR, engineering, strategy and other corporate leaders track and take
data driven decisions on global talent, location, peer group footprint and cost related

Leveraging Big Data principles and Predictive Analytics methodologies, Talent Neuron
enables companies to Plan, Build and Optimize their global talent. Talent Neuron also
consolidates HR data across multiple systems, provides characteristics of their employees,
assists in hypothesis validation and delivers real time benchmarking metrics. Data across
Talent, Cost, Peer Group Footprint, Location Parameters and Current Trends are captured
through 25 different primary and secondary sources. Over 12,000 unique parameters per city
are consolidated using our proprietary statistical and data correlation engines to assist
our clients in their Talent initiatives.

For more information visit http://www.talentneuron.com

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        Senior Lead - Marketing,
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