Eyasco Delivers Water Quality Monitoring Systems for US Army Tests

September 25, 2013

Water quality monitoring system ensures sustainable, potable water from nearby sources, enabling armies to be more self-sufficient in remote locations.

Watsonville, California (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

Eyasco Inc. today announced the delivery of its Water Quality QuB monitoring systems to the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force (REF) for testing in the Army’s Water in a Box Integrated System (WiaB).

The purpose of Water in a Box is to supply purified water to troops from local water sources, so armies can be more self-sufficient wherever they are assigned, and to reduce the costs and risks of transporting potable water to troops in remote or hazardous positions.

Including Eyasco’s Water Quality QuB in the Water in a Box approach enables water quality to be tested and monitored in real-time by off-site or local operations, ensuring that treated water from sources nearby is disinfected and potable. It also fulfills the REF’s objectives of tapping into new, emerging technologies to solve the immediate needs and new challenges of armies in the field.

“The Water Quality QuB is an extremely robust system that fit the Army’s need for something that could be transported anyplace in the world and set up in minutes,” said Eyasco’s CEO, Jeff Schuyler. “Plus it has sophisticated remote monitoring capabilities that can be used to monitor the water purification process in real-time.”


Additional information about Eyasco’s Aquasition monitoring systems and Merlin database integration software can also be found at http://www.eyasco.com.

About Eyasco, Inc.

Eyasco, Inc. is headquartered in Watsonville, California. The company designs Information management solutions for monitoring systems and enterprise applications, connecting hardware, database and software to better understand data.

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