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Seccuris Announces Integrated Threat, Vulnerability, Asset and Log Management Capabilities Through OneStone

September 26, 2013

WINNIPEG, Sept. 26, 2013 /CNW/ – Seccuris Inc., today announced the release of its new OneStone Vulnerability, Log and Asset Management services, integrated to OneStone Threat Management Services.

OneStone is a cloud-based information security service that provides
organizations 24×7 visibility into security issues and risks across the
enterprise. Developed by Seccuris, a leader in information assurance services, OneStone responds to the increased need of organizations to leverage limited
resources cost-effectively while balancing operational risk management,
IT security, and threat response.

Utilizing Seccuris’ advanced security information and event management
technology, OneStone enables organizations to select various services such as threat and
vulnerability, log and asset management through a software-as-a-service

OneStone features:

        --  Real-time analytics and business intelligence on threat event
        --  A powerful security management system to track, manage and
            report threat events;
        --  Threat confirmation and recommended remediation steps by
            Seccuris Information Security Analysts;
        --  The ability to access Seccuris Information Security Analysts
            and Forensics services for expert immediate assistance 24x7;
        --  Comprehensive reports to demonstrate security control, risk
            management, and compliance.

OneStone offers executives, security practitioners, and IT personnel
with relevant information, including both summarized and detailed views
of an organization’s security posture and overall enterprise risk

OneStone Vulnerability Management service provides on-demand scanning and assessment of the technical and
environmental vulnerabilities in an organization’s computing
infrastructure. Detailed dashboard screens and available reports
identify, quantify, and prioritize the information security strengths
and weaknesses of an organization’s computing environment and provide a
plan-of-action to mitigate the risk of serious consequences.

OneStone Asset Classification and Tracking service tightly couples organizational assets with threat and
vulnerability data, enabling business risk to be more effectively
measured. Information assets are identified and classified based on
business criticality, function, and importance, allowing calculation of
related threats and vulnerabilities to present a complete risk picture.
Customers can generate reports dynamically for compliance, performance,
and assurance issues via the OneStone interface. Knowing the value of
your asset that is being threatened can help prioritize the alert and
remediation activities.

OneStone Log Management service extends the threat management capabilities by providing vital
referential data via access to historical log information that has been
collected and processed by OneStone.

“With threats to an organization’s information assets and the cost of
remaining secure increasing all the time, we developed OneStone to effectively address these needs,” says Geoff Besko, President and
CEO of Seccuris, “OneStone is more than a service; it’s a capability…enabling organizations of
all sizes to have improved threat visibility and providing them the
ability to respond to the new realities of information security…
rapidly, cost-effectively and with confidence.” 

OneStone empowers organizations with the ability to make risk-based decisions with
confidence, analyzing risk exposure with a clear emphasis on
maintaining business objectives and operational efficiencies.

For more information about OneStone, please visit the website at onestonesecurity.com.

About Seccuris Inc.

Seccuris, is the leader in Enterprise Security Architecture and Information Assurance Integration, provides clients with information security and risk management
consulting services, managed security services, security solution
integration, and education services. Seccuris also maintains an active
research and development portfolio, working collaboratively with
organizations across North America and internationally. Through its
commitment to quality, research, and knowledge transfer, Seccuris
delivers innovative and comprehensive information assurance services
and solutions that provide value to our clients. Seccuris is
headquartered in Canada and was founded in 1999. For more information,
please visit www.seccuris.com.

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