Lone Star Sees Increasing Growth in New Contracts in 2013

September 27, 2013

Lone Star was uniquely positioned to support two of the three engagements based on its unique consulting approach and 4th generation Decision Analysis tool, TruNavigator™, which incorporates sophisticated analysis capabilities in a highly scalable platform.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Lone Star, internationally recognized in business and technology decision support, modeling, and simulation, and a provider of advisory services addressing highly complex client issues announces three new domestic and international contracts, to provide predictive business and technical analysis, simulation and consulting services.

Lone Star was selected to support these varying efforts based on its unique consulting and decision analysis capabilities. Lone Star’s 4th generation Decision Analysis (DA) tool, TruNavigator™, which incorporates sophisticated Bayesian Inferencing with Monte Carlo analysis in a highly scalable platform was uniquely positioned to support two of the engagements. Other Lone Star tools, such as StraTable™ and OpCap™ will also be used to support these new clients. These tools, coupled with tested processes and experienced personnel, have delivered high quality results for a growing list of high profile agencies and enterprises.

The scope of these efforts includes data collection, modeling and simulation, course of action (COA) analysis, and implementation and test support. The efforts involve the evaluation of changing business models, major system sustainment, and systems engineering and test support.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with these new domestic and international clients. Delivering improved operational performance, cost savings and risk reduction is a critical part of our winning formula”, said Steve Roemerman, CEO of Lone Star. “Using TruNavigator™, we are able to provide highly reliable answers to complex problems and uncertain issues such as the future cost of sustainment,” Roemerman noted.

“TruNavigator has been an important contributor to this increasing list of clients”, said Mathew Bowers, Vice President of Corporate Development. “TruNav is a modeling environment that generates simulations providing a true understanding of the range of potential outcomes for any decision, regardless of size or complexity. It tests customers’ decisions and identifies probable future outcomes based on related influences,” Bowers noted.

TruNav clients benefit from the flexibility it provides because it is not burdened by typical spreadsheet inflexibilities. It provides a visual layout of the model and generates simulations that are easy to edit and easy to audit. But the real hallmark of TruNav is speed; “What-If” scenarios can be run in just seconds. When critical decisions must be made, seconds count.

Lone Star has recognized the importance of responding to the fiscal challenges in government and industry. Delivering high quality benefit cost analysis (BCA) and business modeling and simulation enables its customers to realize improved capability and lower cost and risk. That is why earlier this year the company announced contract extensions for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE).

Now in its eighth year of delivering more than 50%+ revenue growth quarter over quarter, Lone Star is realizing an accelerating increase its client base and contracts with both domestic and international clients.

About Lone Star

Lone Star has built a strong reputation with its clients for delivering insightful analysis, advice and support that leads to improved operational performance, monetary savings and risk reduction. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Lone Star has gained international recognition for its decision analysis and business modeling, by providing advisory services that address a client’s most complex, mission critical challenges. Lone Star’s roots lie in the development, fielding and support of complex technologies and programs for the Department of Defense and commercial enterprises in the telecommunications and technology markets.

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