Last Nights Date Launching New Web and Mobile Applications to Experience Better Dates

September 28, 2013

Last Nights Date is launching a new set of web and mobile applications to help daters have better dates. These dating tools enable people to remember important facts about their date, which in turn, creates a more meaningful connection.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

Daters will now have a way to keep track of the person, or persons, they are seeing with a new set of web and mobile applications from Last Nights Date. The applications are designed to help people have better dates and to show that they remember the important details about their date. Users can utilize the dating tools to keep track of names, places and events, and be able to recall that data when needed.

The modern world is a busy one where people are constantly absorbing new information, whether it is for school, work, family or social purposes. As such, it can be difficult for someone to remember every little detail and when a person is just entering a romantic relationship, those little details can make a big difference in how that relationship progresses.

Last Nights Date understands this dilemma and is launching dating tools that are designed to help daters stay organized in their romantic relationships. Now, a person can show their date that they are interested in them as a person, and that they care about them, with new web and mobile applications that help them remember the important details.

Dennis Chesney, the creator of Last Nights Date, says: “In today’s busy society, it’s sometimes hard to remember important information. That’s why we built “Last Nights Date” to give people a place to store and remember details of their dates and make the person they are dating feel special and make them look good for remembering.”

The applications are easy to use. The person logs into their account and enters information such as:

  •     Name of their date
  •     Where the date took place
  •     What happened on the date
  •     Personal information about their date

After entering the information, the person can retrieve the data through their phone or computer to review it, enabling them to refresh their memory and therefore, create better dates with that person. The tools can also be used to keep track of multiple people if the dater is seeing more than one person, helping the dater avoid a potentially embarrassing situation by associating details about someone else with their current date.

The new web and mobile applications are currently being offered free to people who join Last Nights Date during its launch. To receive updates about the company’s launch and to take advantage of the free applications, go to http://www.lastnightsdate.com.

About Last Nights Date

Last Nights Date helps daters remember important details about their dates in an easy to use format so that they can create better dates. With mobile and web applications, daters can record important details such as their date’s name, the place of the date, the activities they engaged in, and personal information about their date. To learn how Last Nights Date can help you keep your dating life organized and meaningful, visit http://www.lastnightsdate.com.

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