HTTP Proxy 8080 List Offers 1000 Public IP Proxies From Around the Globe

October 4, 2013

idcloak releases an international HTTP Proxy 8080 List which includes information on the proxies’ speed, anonymity level and type.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

idcloak releases a searchable database of free public proxies operating through port 8080. With a population of almost one thousand, the HTTP Proxy 8080 list represents the largest of its kind currently online.

“Port 8080 proxies are the second most popular after port 3128,” says idcloak’s web researcher, Robin Welles. “Operating through an official HTTP alternate port makes them a popular choice for high-speed unblocking tasks on web browsers.”

Unblocking is the most common use for the proxies. “When websites are unavailable in specific locations, or on particular networks, users instruct a pre-configured browser to connect to the blocked site through a remote server. That server is a proxy.”

Proxy servers are provided by a community of developers. Their identities are not widely known, but they offer their bandwidth and computational resources without profit and entirely at their own expense. “Some do it because they think that’s how the internet should be – open and free; while others just want to make sure anonymity is something that’s always available, they offer it to others so others offer it to them.”

After unblocking, anonymous surfing is the most important function of proxies: “When you connect to a site through a proxy, the site has no record of your actual IP address. Web anonymity can be useful for any number of reasons, such as researching sensitive subjects, privately accessing taboo content or sending anonymous messages.”

The list is continuously checked by a live proxy testing program to ensure all entries link to an operational proxy. When a dead connection is discovered, as inevitably happens with public services, the offending address is removed until its server is found to be activated again. “Because of the constant checking and rechecking, the list offers a pretty reliable live snapshot of all the port 8080 proxies currently online.”

idcloak is three days away from the release of another privacy system – the idcloak VPN. This service brings anonymous surfing to everyday users through intuitive and easy-to-use software.

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