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AppDynamics Delivers Real-Time Business Metrics to Help Customers Understand the Revenue Impact of Slow Performance

October 9, 2013

AppDynamics Equips Leading-Edge Companies with Real-Time Visibility into App Revenue and its relationship with App Performance

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — AppDynamics, the next-generation application performance management (APM) solution that simplifies the management of complex apps, today announced that its customers Conductor and Layered Technologies depend on its real-time business metrics to monitor the revenue and performance of their applications.

Most application support teams have no way to identify the dollar cost of an incident or slowdown in their applications. Data warehouses and Business Intelligence (BI) tools can provide this insight, but it typically takes hours or days to get the information you need. With AppDynamics, organizations can see the business impact of performance issues and outages in real time, allowing them to make important decisions and prioritize fixes on the fly, reducing the cost of performance incidents to the business.

AppDynamics automatically discovers and monitors each critical business transaction (e.g. “Buy Ticket”) within an application, and is able to instrument the performance and payload from every business transaction. As a result, application support teams can, for the first time, tie the performance of the application directly to the performance of the business itself. This sets the stage for IT teams having “Line of Business” visibility and being able to engage with business stakeholders at a high level using metrics they understand and care about.

“At Conductor, the application’s performance is directly tied to the revenue of the company–a connection that AppDynamics has enabled us to make crystal clear to our operations team,” said Alex Dziena, Director of Technical Operations at Conductor. “By monitoring the response time of every business transaction and associating that with real dollar amounts, we’re able to correlate the impact that performance has on our bottom line via a single, real-time dashboard. With AppDynamics, we now have another lens through which we can see how our application impacts our business and revenue.”

“As a leading managed service provider for eCommerce applications, we’re really excited about this new capability from AppDynamics,” said Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP Product Management, Cloud & Managed Services at Layered Technologies. “This allows our customers to monitor both the performance and revenue of their checkout and payment processing transactions, so they get a unique and real-time view of their business.”

With AppDynamics, app support teams can:

    --  Configure business metric extraction using a simple wizard in 15 minutes
    --  Proactively alert on business metrics like revenue rather than
        application or infrastructure metrics, thus aligning IT with the needs
        and priorities of the business
    --  Create a common context with which IT as well as the business can view
        the impact of application performance issues
    --  Troubleshoot and resolve business impact by identifying which business
        transactions are responsible for revenue loss
    --  Promote their value to business stakeholders when revenue increases as a
        result of agile releases and delivery of new projects

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AppDynamics is the next-generation application performance management solution that simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. No one can stand slow applications – not IT Ops and Dev teams, not the CIO, and definitely not end users. With AppDynamics, no one has to tolerate slow performing apps ever again. AppDynamics customers include Netflix, Priceline, TiVo, AMICA Insurance, Hotels.com, StubHub, Staples, Insight Technologies, and Cornell University. For more information, visit http://www.appdynamics.com.

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