Apple Looks Ready To Show Off New iPads On October 22
October 9, 2013

New iPads May Debut On October 22

Michael Harper for – Your Universe Online

Apple may be ready to hold their next iPad event on October 22, 42 days after the launch of the iPhone 5C and 5S. All Things D’s John Paczkowski broke the news on Tuesday and, as these things often go, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple confirmed the news with his now signature “yep.” According to Paczkowski’s report, Apple’s next invite-only event will be focused on iPads, the new Mac Pro (which was first unveiled during WWDC in June) and their latest operating system, OS X Mavericks.

It’s not yet known where Apple will hold this event, but recent history suggests Apple will hold their announcement on campus, just as they did with the latest iPhone event. Should the event truly take place on October 22, Apple will be following the tack they took last year, announcing the iPhone 5 in September and the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini in a separate event in October.

Rumors so far have held that the latest iPad will feature a newly designed case meant to look more like the iPad mini. Should this hold true, the fifth generation iPad would be thinner, lighter, and come equipped with an improved camera, staples in Apple’s upgrade bag of tricks. It’s also expected the new 64-bit A7 chip, which debuted in the iPhone 5S, will also make an appearance in the latest iPad, potentially improving many professional-grade tablet apps written specifically for the iPad platform.

Though Paczkowski mentions a broad “iPad line,” recent rumors have held that this year’s iPad mini launch could be delayed, especially if the latest models come equipped with a Retina Display. According to market research firm IHS iSuppli and news source Reuters, production of these high definition displays may have gotten off to a late start and, therefore, may not launch until as late as next year.

According to Reuters’ sources, Apple’s strict power saving requirements may be slowing down production, as manufacturers are unable to make a display that can live up to these standards. According to their sources, Reuters claims Apple hasn’t been able to buy enough of these screens to cover a 2013 launch, lest they run into the same purported supply problems which are slowing down the release of the golden iPhone 5S.

Apple also promised their latest desktop operating system, Mavericks, would arrive this fall. As this will almost certainly be their last event of the year, it makes sense for the operating system to be debuted once more and launched at this event.

It’s interesting to note Jim Dalrymple’s “yep” in this story, however.

While Paczkowski claims Apple will show off the “latest updates to the company’s iPad line,” and “the new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks,” it seems Dalrymple only agrees with part of this statement.

In a Tuesday post, Dalrymple only posts his “yep” confirmation underneath a broken Paczkowski quote that ends with the mention of new iPads. Though Apple is running out of time to release Mavericks within their self-appointed “fall” deadline, some have questioned if Apple cares to release their newly redesigned Mac Pro during this event.