Web VPN Service Knocks Nail Into the Coffin of Internet Censorship

October 9, 2013

idcloak releases a Web VPN service which circumvents all internet access restrictions by tunneling the internet user to a new global location.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 09, 2013

After four years of careful development, idcloak Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its software-based web VPN. The service provides secure connection to an international network of highly anonymous servers so users may access the internet from alternate global locations.

The VPN system is especially designed to bypass internet blocks of any kind without revealing the identity or activity of the user. The service will appeal especially to restricted netizens in internet censorship countries and users of work or university WiFi.

“Unlike other proxy services, our web VPN carries all internet packets to and from your device via an encrypted tunnel,” explains idcloak’s anti-censorship specialist, Robin Welles. “We are not just talking about your browser activity, here; the VPN will carry Skype, IM programs, torrents… everything. If any website or service is blocked in your current location, the VPN connects you through a new one.”

The best censorship systems, such as China’s Golden Shield, employ deep packet inspection (DPI) to enhance their filters, rooting out and blocking any sign of proxy activity. Welles says idcloak’s VPN proxy technology is immune to censorship even of this caliber. “Our encryption prevents any intermediary party from identifying what is being sent or received through a VPN server. There is no way a filter system, even one using DPI, can determine what the user is accessing.”

Another tactic used by censors is to block the ports through which VPNs operate. “When a censor shuts off the right ports, it prevents VPN users from connecting to the servers. There have been many reports of this happening with regular VPNs so we made sure we found a way round it. Our service uses a special trick to blend in with regular encrypted traffic, like customer logins to online banks. Because of this, the censors can only block an idcloak VPN if they shut down access to all other secure services too, which of course they are never going to do.”

As well as beating censorship, the idcloak VPN can be used for numerous other tasks, such as protection from government surveillance, accessing domestic-only services from abroad and using the internet anonymously.

Subscription to the idcloak web VPN is available over periods of one, three and six months through the idcloak site.

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