Survey Shows Video Sharing Becoming More Popular Among Adults
October 10, 2013

More Adults Uploading Videos To Internet

Lee Rannals for – Your Universe Online

According to a new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the percentage of American adult Internet users who upload or post videos online has more than doubled over the past four years.

The national survey conducted in July this year found that 31 percent of adult Internet users have uploaded or posted videos online, compared to just 14 percent in 2009. This group includes those who upload a video to the Internet so others can watch, or post a video to any website online that they have taken or created.

Younger Internet users are twice as likely than their older counterparts to have posted and shared videos online. The survey found that 41 percent of 18 to 29 year old Internet users and 36 percent of 30 to 49 year old Internet users posted or shared videos online, compared with just 18 percent of Internet users ages 50 and older.

Smartphone growth has helped to drive this sector of the Internet now that 41 percent of adult cell phone owners use their device to watch video online. Findings show that 40 percent of smartphone owners record video with their device, while 20 percent use it to upload the videos online.

Apps and social networking sites have also played a role in online video sharing. Twenty-three percent of adults who post videos online do so using a mobile app like Vine, and 71 percent of adults who post videos online do so on social networking sites like Facebook. According to the survey, 58 percent of adults who watch online videos do it on sites like Facebook or Instagram.

"The growing popularity of posting and watching online videos is a natural byproduct of the increasing percent of adults who use social network sites such as Facebook, as well as the proliferation of cell phones which make it relatively easy to watch, record, and post videos online," Pew said in its report.

Pew found that people aren't just posting videos for social reasons, but a large chunk are doing it in hopes of receiving their 15 minutes of fame. Among all those who post videos online, 35 percent say they do so with the hopes of it going viral, which equals to about 11 percent of all adult Internet users. Also, only 5 percent of adults who post videos online say they have regretted a video they have posted in the past.

The researchers say the introduction of video-sharing site YouTube in 2005, and other video-sharing sites like Vimeo, are the driving forces in the increasing percentage of online adults who post. Since 2006, the percent of online adults using video sharing sites has grown from 33 percent to 72 percent.