Apple App Crashes iPhone 5S With Blue Screen Of Death
October 14, 2013

Apple App Crashes iPhone 5S With Blue Screen Of Death

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Some Apple iPhone 5S owners are experiencing a bug which calls up a “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) before rebooting their device. The term BSOD was first conceived many years ago to describe what happened when Windows PCs crashed, yet today it’s been revived for some users when Apple iWork apps are opened on the latest iPhone.

Apple announced it would be giving away its iWork apps (previously charging $10 apiece) to iPhone 5S buyers during the tech giant's last press event, potentially making the bug more prevalent. Owners who have gone to Apple’s support forums and other sources say their phones go blue then reboot when Keynote, Numbers or Pages are open.

According to MacRumors, the issue was noted soon after the iPhone 5S launched last month, but has only recently began receiving attention after popular tech blog The Verge ran a story on it this weekend.

According to a video posted on The Verge, a user triggers the BSOD when he opens a Pages document, asks it to speak some selected text, and then calls up the multitasking viewer. The BSOD appears for a split second before the white Apple logo appears on a black screen, the tell-tale sign of a reboot. Some users have noted that turning off iCloud syncing for these apps makes them behave on the new devices, but this is only a workaround, and Apple has yet to officially acknowledge this bug or issue its own fix.

The Verge report came only hours after another popular tech blog, All Things D, issued a report claiming it’s not just iWork apps that are crashing on the iPhone 5S; many others are having difficulty staying active on Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip.

“Anytime there is new hardware or software release, we see issues,” claimed Andrew Levy in an interview with All Things D. Levy is the CEO of Crittercism, an app tracker which helps developers understand how and why their apps crash on mobile devices. “Inevitably, over time, those issues get resolved.”

According to Levy, third-party developers may be able to blame Apple’s new hardware for these crashes. Though it had months to get its respective apps ready for the new iOS 7, Apple only announced the new chip and its 64-bit architecture one week before the phones became available. This last-minute announcement doesn’t provide any explanation, of course, for why Apple’s own apps have been causing iPhone 5S devices to crash and reboot.

Sales of Apple’s newest iPhones were famously strong, topping out at nine million sold worldwide during opening weekend alone. Last year Apple sold five million iPhone 5s in its opening weekend. The company's numbers were likely higher this year because it launched two new phones instead of one and to more countries than they have in the past. While it is still unknown how many of each kind of iPhone 5 was sold during opening weekend, a new survey claims customers have been twice as likely to buy the more expensive 5S than the cheaper 5C.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners conducted the study, asking new iPhone 5 owners which model they chose. According to its numbers, 67 percent of customers chose the 5S model while only 27 percent chose the 5C. The remaining nine percent opted for the year-old iPhone 4S.