Apple Sends Out Invites for October 22 Press Event
October 15, 2013

Apple Ready To Cover More On October 22

Michael Harper for – Your Universe Online

Apple looks ready to show off new iPads, a new operating system and possibly new Mac hardware next Tuesday, October 22. The Cupertino company sent out press invites this afternoon following a report last week that correctly predicted the day of their latest unveiling. Apple’s top brass will take the stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco at 10 am PT and are expected to show off iPads with a slightly refigured design. Rumors have also pointed towards a colored version of the iPad mini, and possibly one with a Retina Display.

The invite features more of the bright colors used in iOS 7, though in more of a pastel hue this time around. In typical Apple style, the only text in the square invite reads “We still have more to cover.” Normally Apple fans and pundits will take to predicting what the company will release based on the invitation. This image seems to suggest Apple will release much more than just iPads and could be hinting at more Mac hardware.

iPads are expected to be the huge hit of this event, including a redesigned iPad with some form of Apple’s latest A7, 64-bit architecture chip. This chip, which debuted in last month’s iPhone 5S, has been earning rave reviews from benchmark testers. However, if Apple sticks to their traditional release patterns, they could be ready to introduce the next iteration of this chip, perhaps an “A7X.” Just as they had done with the iPhone 5S, the new iPads are also expected to receive a camera upgrade, bumping it up from the iPhone 4’s five-megapixel shooter to the iPhone 5’s eight-megapixel camera.

Further following in the iPhone’s footsteps, many are expecting the new iPads to come in a white, silver and Slate Gray color option. The 5S was the first Apple device available in gold, though the camps seem split on if Apple will paint their iPads in the same color. It’s largely unknown if the next generation iPads will feature Apple’s latest flagship feature, TouchID. This biometric sensor lets users unlock their devices simply with their fingerprint, and while some hackers have been able to craft false fingerprints to fool these locks, user reviews have mostly been positive.

It’s also unknown if there will be an iPad mini with a Retina Display shown off on October 22. Reports from earlier this month claimed Apple’s supply chain simply couldn’t keep up with the demand and therefore could push this product back to next month.

There are some Apple fans that are also expecting a new Mac Pro, Apple’s professional line of computers. Shown off this summer, Apple only said the American-made unit was coming this year, but didn’t give an exact date. This computer will likely be given a shipping date, though it’s not entirely certain when that will be.

Apple also showed off the latest version of their desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, this summer during their annual developers conference, WWDC. Apple gave developers beta versions of the OS in June and shipped what could be the last developer version last month during the iPhone 5S announcement. Operating under a self-declared deadline of “this fall,” Apple is running out of time to release this software to Mac owners, meaning they should at least have a refined ship date by next Tuesday.

Mavericks is a continuation of the Lion and Mountain Lion ethos of marrying the mobile operating system (iOS) with the traditional desktop. Apps like Maps and iBooks will finally arrive on the Mac, as well as features like receiving iOS notifications on the desktop. Apple has also borrowed some performance tweaks from iOS and installed them in the desktop OS, which should improve battery life and overall performance.