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Player Verify Deals Nevada Online Poker Players, I-Gaming Sites ‘Better, Safer Option’ for Player Hard Document ID Verification

October 18, 2013

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Oct. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — With online gambling poised to draw millions of Americans in a potentially multi-billion dollar digital gambling market, it’s more important than ever for online poker players to have a secure source to share their personal identification information with I-gaming sites. Now that Player Verify’s (https://www.playerverify.com) online poker service provider license has been given the green light by the Nevada Gaming Commission along with the Control Board Technology Division, players can be assured of getting the most secure site possible, according to Player Verify managing member Mark Dalton.

“Thanks to the Nevada Gaming Commission’s approval, Player Verify is ready to give Nevada online poker players and I-gaming sites a better, safer option for player ID verification,” said Dalton. “Player Verify is the only site of its kind. Although it’s becoming a world of digitization, there will always be a need for hard copy document verification. I’ve been working on this site for the past three years. Though it’s outside the box of what most in the industry are used to, I’ve identified problems and created solutions.”

Nevada I-gaming companies who use Player Verify’s player authentication services will also have the ability to instantly authenticate player identity. The system has an identity checking tool that matches information submitted by U.S. players to a nationwide database of government and public information. If the information submitted lines up with the information in the database, the player is verified. The system is also designed to screen out scammers, flagging users whose submitted information is deemed fraudulent.

Launched in 2010, Player Verify is the most secure way available for online poker players to share their personal identification information — including driver’s license, passport, and proof of address scans — with I-gaming sites. Of particular concern to site operators is Nevada’s legal requirement that all personal information shared with I-gaming sites is encrypted, through a Nevada licensed service provider such as Player Verify. That level of security is not possible with email, which is how most offshore I-gaming sites currently request personal identification verification. Fortunately for Nevada online poker sites, Player Verify will now be available to bridge the gap.

Offers Only Secure Online Hub for Sharing Personal Documents

Player Verify offers a centralized hub where players can upload and share their personal ID documents to I-Gaming sites via a secure access code submitted by the player. The gaming site’s compliance department then enters the access code and verifies the documents at Player Verify. Again, Player Verify provides a secure website system with up to 256-bit encryption, dedicated server.

“We are the only I-Gaming hub for this process to take place between players and multiple gaming sites at one location,” said Dalton. “Some sites have added their own upload system but very few and for their players only. I call this the ‘black hole’ as they simply upload their personal information and it’s gone. Players don’t know if it’s been received by the gaming site, when it was viewed and by whom and it’s backed up on their gaming servers for several years.”

Another key feature of Player Verify’s site is having the only one click “I need to stop gambling now for players” option for problem gamblers to self-exclude online, which can be viewed by multiple gaming sites in real-time. Players are currently forced to go to every site where they’ve registered to stop gambling now.

About Player Verify

A secure online hub for the I-gaming community, Player Verify is dedicated to the business of storing, sharing and securing sensitive verification information. Learn more at https://www.playerverify.com.

Contact: Mark Dalton, Managing Member, Player Verify, 800-209-7264, Email, https://www.playerverify.com

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