software engineers earn more on west coast
October 18, 2013

West Coast Hires More Software Engineers And Pays Them More

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Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

A new report from Glassdoor reveals which tech companies pay the most for their software engineering talent. While some of the companies on the list are well known social media sites, lesser known Juniper takes top marks. Jupiter which provides much of the backend architecture necessary to keep the Internet alive and thriving.

On average, Juniper pays their software engineers a base salary of $159,990, based on information from surveys completed by their employees. Other tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter also make the list, paying their software employees an average of over $120,000 annually.

Though Glassdoor sourced their information from actual employees of these companies, they say the numbers don’t show the entire picture. Glassdoor also researched which American cities were responsible for hiring the most software talent and, not surprisingly, found that California’s Silicon Valley hires more engineers than anywhere else and pays them better.

Juniper’s closest competitor Cisco also makes the top-25 list, ranking 17 with an average base salary of $109,491. The list is a fairly even mix of hardware and software companies. Oracle, for instance, ranks number 7 and starts their software engineers with an average base salary of $122,905. Other hardware giants, like Nvidia, Intel and Qualcomm also earned spots in the top 25 list.

Software and social media companies like number two-ranked LinkedIn share the spotlight with the hardware businesses. Glassdoor ranks LinkedIn’s starting alarm at $136,427, while number three Yahoo pays their software team an average of $130,312. Google and Twitter round out the top five spots with starting salaries of $127,143 and $124,863, respectively. Apple, which can be considered both hardware and software focused, captured the number six spot with an average salary of $124,630.

Glassdoor estimates the average software engineer looking for a new job today can expect to earn an average of $92,790. Unsurprisingly, Glassdoor found that most of the jobs available to software engineers are located on the West Coast. In fact, Glassdoor found 17 of the top-25 top paying cities in the US are located in California’s Silicon Valley. Engineers in this area can expect to earn about $111,885 in the San Francisco Bay area, followed by Seattle with an average salary of $103,196. San Diego came in at number three, paying its engineers an average of $93,993.

Though the West Coast has been found to pay their engineers very well, Glassdoor says there may be more jobs available for themon the East Coast. New York and Washington, D.C., for instance, came in second and third for hiring the most software engineers. In New York alone, some 2,264 companies are currently looking for engineers to join their team.

Though they source their data directly from actual employees, Glassdoor warns that their data might not be the most accurate. For instance, the list only includes those companies for whom Glassdoor received salary information from at least 50 employees. This means there may be companies out there paying even more for their software teams, but they simply didn’t make the list. The report also doesn’t include bonuses and other perks received by these software engineers. Facebook, for instance, offers their employees stock in the company which, depending on the markets, could turn into a tidy bonus.