Facebook Outage Leaves Morning Users With No Outlet To Complain
October 21, 2013

Facebook Down, Millions Of Missed Monday Morning Laments

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Facebookers trying to let their friends know which day of the week it is and how they feel about it were dejected this morning. According to several reports on tech sites and Twitter, Facebook was down for a few brief hours in the early morning, leaving users around the world without a place to lament about an empty coffee cup.

At the time of this writing, the website DownRightNow.com still lists Facebook as “down” based on reports to the site directly, Twitter and official announcements. Facebook has yet to give an official word on the service outage, though some users are saying they’ve already seen their issues clear up.

Users first noticed they were unable to post status updates to let their friends know about the weird dream they had last night. Instead of receiving “likes” and comments of “OMG me too!” users saw an error message which read “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.”

As often happens when popular sites and services experience glitches and hiccups, people logged in to Twitter to both note the outage and complain about how terrible it is for this to happen - and on Monday no less. There were also several jokes made at Facebook’s expense about hangovers and calling in sick by Twitter users with a sub-par sense of humor.

Facebook has yet to officially acknowledge any outage or explain why some people were unable to post status updates early this morning, and some users are still experiencing these issues as they try to like a friend’s picture of their hellacious commute through early morning rush-hour traffic.

Facebook going down on a Monday may seem like the most inopportune time for an outage, especially for a website which is often left open during the work day so people can talk to one another about how terribly their day is going. In fact, should this outage continue to affect a large number of users for several more hours, it could be remembered as the only outage to rival the Great Netflix Gaffe of Christmas Eve 2012.

Last Christmas Eve, as families all over America gathered their loved ones close, Amazon’s web servers experienced a huge outage, blocking millions devices, consoles and TVs from accessing the entire Netflix catalog. Netflix acknowledged the problem quickly and pointed the finger at Amazon’s servers. Amazon later admitted one of their technicians had accidentally deleted a large portion of data which brought nearly all of the servers down.