T-Mobile Continues Un-carrier Push With Free Tablet Data For Life
October 24, 2013

T-Mobile Offers 200MB Free Data For Life With Tablet Purchase

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

T-Mobile unveiled its latest “Un-carrier” initiative on Wednesday, offering 200 MB of free 4G LTE data per month with every T-Mobile compatible tablet a customer purchases – even if the user isn’t a T-Mobile subscriber.

The free monthly data will be available for the life of the device, and is part of T-Mobile’s move to make tablets just as mobile and connected as smartphones.

"Tablets are supposed to be un-tethered like smartphones, but it hasn't worked out that way because people know carriers will charge them an arm-and-a-leg for mobile data," said T-Mobile president and chief executive John Legere.

"Carriers figured out a long time ago that they could make money - a lot of money - by forcing customers into restrictive, overpriced data plans. We changed it for smartphones and we're changing it for tablets."

T-Mobile’s “Tablets Un-leashed” free data offer will apply to all tablet devices sold by the carrier, including the recently added iPads. The company also announced an introductory offer that allows qualified customers to finance their tablets through monthly installments with no money down, although a one-time $10 payment for a SIM card is required.

T-Mobile said the iPad Air and iPad mini, both with Wi-Fi + Cellular, would be available November 1, while the iPad mini with Retina display and Wi-Fi + Cellular would be available later in the month.

"By offering free data for life with incredible upfront pricing, T-Mobile is unleashing customers to fully enjoy iPad as it was meant to be enjoyed - mobile and connected,” Legere said in a statement.

"When you buy a product as amazing as iPad, you should be able to connect when and where you want, simply and affordably.”

Customers taking advantage of T-Mobile’s no money down offer can purchase an iPad Air with 24 equal monthly payments of $26.25 (plus taxes and fees) for the 16 GB model, $17.91 for a 16 GB iPad mini and $22.08 for a 16GB iPad mini with Retina display.

Customers can make their new iPad even more affordable by applying the trade-in value of an eligible tablet, including those that are Wi-Fi only, T-Mobile said.

The new programs announced Wednesday are part of T-Mobile’s move to lure customers away from traditional wireless industry offers of subsidized devices requiring two-year contracts.

The company has introduced similar plans allowing users to purchase an unsubsidized smartphone and pay the full price over monthly installments. It has also offered early upgrade plans allowing subscribers to secure a new device as early as six months after an initial purchase.

Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced plans to offer free international data roaming and text messages to all customers beginning November 1.