New Editing Tool Finds Its Way Into Vine's Video-Sharing Site
October 24, 2013

New Editing Tool Finds Its Way Into Vine’s Video-Sharing Site

Peter Suciu for - Your Universe Online

Micro-video-sharing site Vine has allowed millions of users to upload six second video clips, and now the Twitter-owned service has added a pair of new camera tools that make video creation even easier.

While increasingly popular, Vine users have had some complaints, especially as competing offerings including Cameo and Instagram Video looked to offer alternate ways of shooting and sharing short video clips.

One such issue, according to Venturebeat, is that Vine users typically had to finish all the video posts at once, instead of taking small clips over time. This meant that if the phone crashed, users also lost their posts.

Now the editing process – and with it the creativity for users – has been greatly refined with the release of two new Vine features.

These features, which were announced on Thursday for both Android and iOS, make it easier to maintain multiple posts in progress over time, allowing users to remove, reorganize and replace any shot within a post. These new features include the aptly named Sessions and Time Travel. The former allows users to work with saved drafts – up to 10 video posts as these are being created -- while the latter allows users to delete and reorganize clips while constructing the six-second videos.

“With these new features, you can maintain multiple posts in progress over time and edit your posts before you share them,” Ben Sheats, iOS director at Vine, posted on the company’s official blog. “Vine was built for one purpose: to make it easy for people to capture life in motion and share it with the world. That is the reason we built the Vine camera, and it’s why we continue to improve upon and build new tools for your creations, nurturing the balance between power and simplicity that you’ve come to expect from us.”

These new Vine updates are available as a download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Prior to these updates users were limited to adding video clips chronologically, while also only being able to work on a single “Vine” at a time.

Vine made its small screen debut in January and was immediately popular with the social-media crowd, even if the videos were limited to just six seconds – compared to Instagram’s 15 second videos.

Soon after its launch, Twitter found it necessary to change the age rating on its iOS version from 12+ to 17+ after many found that the MP4 video files were just the right length for short-form pornographic movies!

The ratings and subsequent controversy hardly slowed down adoption. In August the company announced that it had surpassed 40 million registered users, up significantly from the 13 million it had announced in June. Part of this increase followed the release of the Vine for Android app, which arrived for Android 4.0 or higher and thus accounted for more than half of all Android devices currently on the market.

In September film critic Leonard Maltin hosted the first ever Twitter Vine Auction for Honda’s Project Drive-In, which was to help the 368 remaining drive-in theaters across the country convert to digital projection.