DMV.us.org Launches Guide To Help Prevent Intoxicated Driving

October 24, 2013

New guide aims to keep people safer.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

DMV.us.org has created a guide to help people avoid driving when they shouldn't be behind the wheel, the company said yesterday.

“Everyone knows that they shouldn't drive drunk,” a DMV.us.org spokesman said. “But some people don't have any idea how much they can drink before they are over the limit. Beyond that, this is not just an alcohol issue. Many people take prescription drugs for anxiety, depression, or pain that can leave them intoxicated behind the wheel even if they haven't had a drop to drink.”

The DMV.us.org spokesman said many people believe the myth that they are fine to drive if they've had only two glasses of wine, beer, or spirits.

“This is one of the things we are addressing in our guide,” he said. “Depending on your weight, you could be over the legal limit after only one glass of wine. People also don't realize that when they are hungover the next morning, they may be too drunk to drive. Falling asleep for a while doesn't mean that the alcohol is magically out of your bloodstream.”

The guide will address other issues, including how to deal with a friend who might be considering driving drunk and what to tell teenagers about the risks of intoxicated driving, the DMV.us.org spokesman said.

“The most important part of the guide will be dealing with prescription drugs,” he said. “People seem to think that as long as a doctor has given it to them, they can take them and drive. Many of the most popular medications out there will put you at risk if you take them and get behind the wheel.”

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