Husted Kicking Interviews Sport Psychologist Dr. Jeffery Jones on the Intricacies of Sport Psychology and Being a Sport Psychologist for the California Kicking Experience

October 27, 2013

Husted Kicking interviews Sport Psychologist Dr. Jeffery Jones on the intricacies of sports psychology and being a sport psychologist for the California Kicking Experience at Michael Husted.com.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 27, 2013

Husted Kicking conducts an in-depth interview with Sport Psychologist Dr. Jeffery Jones, on the intricacies of sports psychology and being a sport psychologist for the California Kicking Experience, at Michael Husted.com.

Dr. Jeffery Jones has been a licensed psychologist in California for over 20 years and a AASP “Certified Consultant” in Sport Psychology since 1999. As a clinical psychologist he worked with teenagers and adults on personal problems (i.e., relationship issues, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, etc.).

Dr. Jones is part of Husted Kicking's California Kicking Experience team, and in his interview with Husted Kicking at Michael Husted.com, he talks the importance of sports psychology for athletes, and about his role in this unique training program for kicking specialists created by Michael Husted.

“What I love about my work within sport psychology is helping athletes and teams, who are already excelling in their sport, close the gap between their current level of performance and their potential,” he says.

Dr. Jones says working with Michael Husted and The California Kicking Experience has given him the opportunity to do more of that work with football kicking specialists.

“My work with kicking specialists has really taken off in the last year with my association with Husted Kicking,” says Dr. Jones. “Michael and I were introduced through a mutual friend and started talking about the “mental side” of kicking. I was very interested to talk with Michael about his kicking career and what he learned about mental preparation from kicking professionally for 9 years.”

Husted invited Jones to be part of the California Kicking Experience team; a training program for kicking specialist created by Husted to take advantage of the unique environment found in San Diego, California where Husted is a kicking coach.

“I feel very fortunate to be part of the California Kicking Experience this past year,” says Dr. Jones. “I think what Michael has created is a very unique training experience for kicking specialists coming from all over the US.”

Dr. Jones says, as part of the California Kicking Experience he sits down with each kicker for an hour to assess the mental side of their training and to introduce them to some psychological concepts and specific mental skills.

“We have time to talk about any specific issues they may be having with their confidence or managing performance anxiety,” says Dr. Jones. “If they are interested in continuing to work with a sport psychologist, we discuss options (i.e., referrals, local resources, and teleconferencing).”

Go to Michael Husted.com for the complete interview with Sport Psychologist Dr. Jeffery Jones.


Husted Kicking’s California Kicking Experience is a great opportunity to get comprehensive training and fun competition while enjoying all that the Southern California has to offer.

This two-day experience will provide:

•Professional kicking, punting, long snapping instruction with kicking coach Michael Husted

•Position specific strength & conditioning

•Mental training assessment and program



•Professional action photos by Daniel Demoss Photography

During your visit to San Diego, you will have two days of instruction with on field video review.These elite sessions will have no more than four people per group to assure the highest level of quality instruction. After one of the instructional sessions, a strength & conditioning expert, Cameron Trickey, will put you through a workout that will focus on the key muscle groups that are vital for specialists to perform at a high level.

After the other instructional session, we will enjoy a group yoga session. Practicing yoga allows us to get connected with our bodies to better understand the flexibility and balance needed to kick, punt or snap effectively.

To complement the physical side, you will have an hour meeting with Sport Psychologist, Dr. Jeffrey Jones. Dr. Jones will assess your mental training and develop a program that you can utilize throughout the year, whether in-season or off-season.

Last, but not least, what would a trip to California be without Surfing or Stand Up Paddling?

Go here for more information about the California Kicking Experience.

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