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Utimaco Presents its new Cryptoserver During a Live Demo at CARTES-From November 19 to 21, 2013, in Paris

November 5, 2013

AACHEN, Germany, November 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Got highly-sensitive information? Trust crypto technology-and get peace of mind
against hacking.

US crypto expert Mike Skurko is holding a talk, about the significance of random
number generators for IT security, at Utimaco’s stand at CARTES in Paris. He will explain
why trust is a matter of the technology leveraged and not a question of diplomacy or

Sovereign states and individual companies active in sensitive areas of business
activity have to be absolutely certain that their most important goods-their data and
processes-are protected from unauthorized access. But how can they be certain? They need a
non-corruptible, tamperproof anchor of trust that is engineered to make encrypted data
absolutely worthless without a key, and which ensures the key itself can never end up in
the wrong hands under any circumstances.

Hardware security modules (HSMs) of the highest security level, with FIPS 140-2 Level
4 certification for physical security, are precisely this anchor of trust. Thanks to
randomly generated numbers, the HSMs create strong crypto keys, manage and even delete
them. The build of this tamperproof hardware makes it impossible to read or modify the
keys. Even when it comes to attacks, such as drilling, heat or power blackouts, the keys
are protected from being hacked. That’s because the HSMs delete the keys-automatically,
immediately and completely.

“With its new CryptoServer CSe, Utimaco has created an HSM that is specially tailored
for applications at the highest level of security while meeting the high demands placed on
processing speed,” reports Andreas Philipp, Head of Sales CryptoServer. “Visitors to
CARTES can experience the trustworthy security and high speed of the CSe series for
themselves during a live demo at our stand-and be persuaded by the HSMs’ ease of use and
low total cost of ownership.”

Utimaco has teamed up with its years-long partners-PrimeKey from Sweden, In-Webo from
France and Achelos from Germany-to present innovative solutions and services for growth
sectors such as Smart Metering, eID and eHealth based on Utimaco’s HSMs.

Utimaco will be presenting its HSMs at stand K 082 in Hall 4. If you would like to
drop by, you can request free tickets for CARTES at hsm.utimaco.com.

About Utimaco

Utimaco Safeware AG has been a global leading provider for data encryption and the
related cryptography for 25 years. The division of Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
provides a comprehensive product portfolio for security requirements in industrial
applications including the only freely-programmable HSM technology. Utimaco HSM develops
and produces its CryptoServer product lines exclusively in its German headquarters.
Utimaco HSM operates globally through its own sales and service network in Germany and
North America and through its international partner network.

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