Driving Simulator Research System by Stisim Drive Offers to Help Old and New Drivers Stay Safe

November 7, 2013

New driving simulator research system offers to help old and new drivers to stay safe. Stisim Drive asserted its driving simulation software is the best for it.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

A driving simulator research offers many benefits. But among them, the fact that it could better drivers' skill behind the wheels is probably the . And according to Stisim Drive, a 3D driving simulation company, it provides the needed system to make the study a success.

According to statistics, in 2011, there were a total of 32,367 traffic fatalities. Though it was the lowest in 62 years, still the number is great.

Stisim Drive said that in most of those accidents, the driver's skill and decision making were huge factors. Given that, it asserted that if drivers are well-trained, tragic automobile collisions could be avoided.

And as it cited, that is where driving simulator research and systems come in.

With a driving simulator research, Stisim Drive said that the proper and improper driving behavior of the people could be determined without the need to drive for real. And that, it pointed out, saves the drivers and other individuals as well from untoward traffic incidents.

Moreover, with the data from it, improvements on the products used in the vehicles could be made. But the best about it, it cited, is that it identifies the areas to which drivers must give more emphasis to stay safe.

However, no driving simulator research could be implemented without a driving simulation software. And as Stisim Drive asserted, its own STISIM Drive® is the best to get.

The car driving simulation company cited that its system is cost-effective and reliable than any other simulators. In addition, it relayed that it's loaded with a huge database of road scenarios that new and old drivers could practice on for better on-the-road maneuvering and decision making. Examples of those scenes, it determined, are city driving, construction zone driving and mountain driving.

To learn more about Stisim Drive and its 3D driving simulation systems, readers could visit its website at http://www.stisimdrive.com.

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