Xbox 360 Deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving 2013 Now Recommended by Checkpricefirst.com

November 11, 2013

Checkpricefirst.com now recommends and features Xbox 360 for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving 2013.

(PRWEB) November 11, 2013

Black Friday is here again despite some people complaining about the overlap between this day with Thanksgiving day, it is happening and retailers are gearing up for it. Even stores that closed on Thanksgiving likely will be open from 8pm on Thursday. Macy's won't be the only store that will be open on a Thanksgiving night, JCPenney, Target, Walmart and many other will take the opportunity to get some of the Black Friday shoppers through their stores.

This means the game plan for shoppers who love Black Friday has to change. The smartest thing to do at this point is to watch the Internet for price leaks and those who haven't used online shopping before should look into it as well. There are great deals that are expected on electronic gadgets and this year incredible price drops are expected for products like the Box 360 and other gaming Especially with the newly released consoles from Sony and Microsoft – suddenly the world of gaming has opened up and competition is set to push prices further down.

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However, consoles tend to sell out quickly which doesn't give them enough tome to go down just on Black Friday 2013 Xbox 360 discounts are expected to be mild but there are some savings that an Box gamer can find on Black Friday. There are some savings that can be made on actual games and on old console models. Forget next generation gaming consoles, they won't be coming up for sale on Black Friday. Black Friday 2013 Box 360 deals are expected to be pretty the same as last years with holidays bundles that combine a 250GB console with two games for at least $299. Last year the bundle fell by 37% to an all time low of $189.99. The same thing could happen this year but it is doubtful that this will retail at a price lower than $170.

The news on gaming deals aren't that depressing, there are some console games that are set to go down by as much as 83% off the original price. Game titles that retailed at $59.99 can fall to $10.00. Recently released titles can also fall by as much as 25%. Many of the sales on gaming titles will take place in the two weeks before Christmas.

The trick is to shop early and not to wait for cyber-monday as some gamers tend to do because they think it's the best day to get deals on gadgets. With shops opening early, it will pay off for gamers to get an early start on their shopping.

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