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Announcing availability of OpenWIFY Enterprise Captive Portal

November 13, 2013

The one place to connect your BYOD users to the Internet

SEATTLE, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — OpenWIFY announced on Tuesday the availability of OpenWIFY Enterprise Captive Portal, a new scalable solution for open Internet access by any Wi-Fi-enabled device on your corporate network without increasing security risks to your IT infrastructure. OpenWIFYdelivers simplified management, monitoring, and reporting with a customizable “captive portal” experience that enables end-users to quickly and easily connect, helping to reduce network support costs and improving productivity.

OpenWIFY Enterprise Captive Portal marks a break from high-cost, monolithic open-network products by integrating seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure to provide new access services. Instead of requiring investments in expensive hardware add-ons to create and manage a virtual network, OpenWIFY enables your IT organization to easily enhance and isolate Internet traffic coming from mobile devices–using the equipment you already have.

Simplifies IT Management in “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Scenarios

    --  Easy for end users to connect to the Internet through any device
    --  Reduces support costs with an intuitive web-based management console

Safe and Secure

    --  Protects your corporate network and isolates traffic from unmanaged
    --  Provides open Internet access to all users while maintaining control and
        enabling privacy

Improves Productivity

    --  Helps both employees and visitors get work done on their preferred
        companion devices
    --  Employees are always connected and reachable wherever they go in the

“One of the consistent complaints we heard from customers was that every visitor–contractor, customer, partner, or guest–that came to their offices needed Internet access, but the corporate network was locked down, blocking connections without someone calling the helpdesk,” said Vivek Bhatnagar, co-founder of OpenWIFY. “Our captive-portal solution eliminates that problem by letting end-users manage their own access requests, further enabling enterprise IT groups to provide transparent Internet connectivity.”

OpenWIFY addresses an emerging market trend that sees enterprise organizations taking a commoditized approach to the increasing demands of mobile device users. “The trend towards Consumerization of IT means that support staff are being overwhelmed with users wanting to place their Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet, or personal laptop on corpnet. It just isn’t sustainable for customers to continue with a manual access process, nor does it make sense to open their sensitive internal network to any and every user’s device,” he said.

Network and security administrators have the opportunity to enhance the end-user experience, provide richer connectivity options, and improve control over mobile Internet traffic. A “captive-portal” centralizes network access by routing all unmanaged users and devices through a single point where administrators can enforce usage policies, detect malicious activity, or require authentication.

    --  Enhance employee productivity by letting them use the devices and
        applications they prefer, in the way they want to, while off-loading
        support requirements to broadband / device providers.
    --  Implement a more secure corporate computing environment by isolating
        traffic from unmanaged devices.

OpenWIFY provides easy-to-use tools that are highly customizable and designed for a wide variety of scenarios. Examples include company portal pages displaying marketing or support details, terms-and-conditions for Internet use, or integration with numerous authentication providers.

Plus, OpenWIFY is designed to work with standard enterprise application infrastructure, such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and the .NET Framework. OpenWIFY can be deployed securely without requiring any client-side software agent installation or configuration. OpenWIFY seamlessly rests on top of your enterprise network architecture. Expert technical support provides administrators with the peace-of-mind that issues will be dealt with promptly.

OpenWIFY is available now in North America and India. For more information on licensing, pricing, or other details, contact marc@openwify.com, or call +1 (425) 285-4353.

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