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Trend Micro Reports Third Quarter 2013 Results

November 13, 2013

TOKYO, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Trend Micro Incorporated (TSE: 4704; TYO 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions, announced earnings results for the third quarter 2013, ending September 30, 2013.

For the third quarter, Trend Micro posted consolidated net sales of 27,069 million Yen (or US $273 million, 98.96 JPY = 1USD). The company posted operating income of 14,161 million Yen (or US $143 million) and net income of 5,363 million Yen (or US $54 million) for the quarter.

As of now, the company will not revise consolidated results for the full fiscal year ending December 31, 2013 (released on May 9, 2013). Based on information currently available to the company, consolidated net sales for the year ending December 31, 2013 is expected to be 107,200 million Yen (or US $1,105 million, based on the FY2013 annual assumed exchange rate of 97 JPY = 1USD). Operating income and net income are expected to be 26,400 million Yen (or US $272 million) and 17,100 million Yen (or US $176 million), respectively.

Growth rate figures are calculated from Japanese Yen results. Some discrepancy may therefore be noted in US Dollar comparisons owing to fluctuations in currency conversion rates.

“During the third quarter, Trend Micro has significantly strengthened its collaborative relationships with key partners,” said Eva Chen, CEO, Trend Micro. “These collaborations, along with our enhanced product and service offerings, continue to expand and fortify our ability to provide simple and effective security solutions for our customers.”

Q3 2013 Business Highlights

Trend Micro opened its new Global Operations Headquarters in Irving/Las Colinas, Texas, near Dallas. The location houses business units including: threat research, finance, legal, customer support, commercial sales and marketing, and human resources.

The company’s position as the number one provider of server security([1]) was advanced with the announcement of its collaboration with VMware to integrate Trend Micro(TM) Deep Security with VMware NSX(TM), the platform for network virtualization. The collaboration creates a best-of-breed security framework for joint customers that increases protection and automates security deployment in virtualized data centers.

Trend Micro announced more than 20 leading cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud Services and Dell, have been certified in its “Trend Ready” initiative. The first-of-its-kind cloud security verification program validates a cloud infrastructure to support and operate Trend Micro’s comprehensive Cloud and Data Center Security Solution. By participating in the program, cloud service providers confirm to their customers that their cloud infrastructures will work with Trend Micro security products.

Expanding its unique social network privacy technology, Trend Micro introduced a robust personal privacy management tool that dramatically simplifies privacy settings on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook – for both Mac and PC. The management tool, featured in Trend Micro(TM) Titanium(TM) 2014 family of consumer security products, identifies privacy settings that may leave personal or inappropriate information publicly available or vulnerable to identity theft.

Trend Micro announced channel program enhancements to streamline access to Trend Micro Cloud and Data Center Security. The program enhancements are designed to support channel partners’ customer outreach and sales enablement, and include improvements to Deal Registration and Specialization Programs, as well as a new On-Demand Marketing platform.

The company announced a new global internship program that will offer students a behind-the-scenes look at Trend Micro’s product development of security and privacy solutions, as well as the latest developments in cyber threats. The interns – known as “TrendTerns” – will also have the opportunity to earn academic scholarships and other performance incentives while gaining real-world experience.

Awards and Recognitions for Q3 2013

Trend Micro(TM) Enterprise Security for Endpoints scored a 5-star rating from SC Magazine.

Nikkei Communications’ “Enterprise Internet/ICT Use and Application Factual Investigation 2013″ found Trend Micro to have the highest rate of utilization among ATP solution vendors.


Trend Micro was awarded the following patents in Q3 2013:

    Patent          8479294   Anti-malware scan
                              management in high-
                              availability virtualization

    Patent          8484734   Application programming
                              interface for antivirus

    Patent          8484732   Protecting computers against
                              virtual machine exploits

    Patent          8490203   Fingerprinting based entity

    Patent          8495144   Techniques for identifying
                              spam e-mail

    Patent          8495733   Content fingerprinting
                              technology by using context
                              offset sequence and suffix

    Patent          8495060   Prioritization of reports
                              using content data change
                              from baseline

    Patent          8499170  SQL injection prevention

    Patent          8499152   Data positioning and
                              alerting system

    Patent          8499349   Detection and restoration of
                              files by malware

    Patent          8498965   Methods and apparatus for
                              generating difference files

    Patent          8505092   Dynamic provisioning of
                              protection software in a
                              host intrusion prevention

    Patent          8505094   Detection of malicious URLs
                              in a Web page

    Patent          8505101   Thin client for computer
                              security applications

    Patent          8510838   Malware protection using
                              file input/output

    Patent          8510835   Techniques for protecting
                              data in cloud computing

    Patent          8510791   Method and system for
                              dynamic protocol decoding
                              and analysis

    Patent          8516592   Wireless hotspot with
                              lightweight anti-malware

    Patent          8516586   Classification of unknown
                              computer network traffic

    Patent          8516582   Method and system using
                              designated template hosts
                              for real time
                              classification of events in
                              a computer integrity system

    Patent          8520848   Secure password management
                              using keyboard layout

    Patent          8527631   Web site reputation service
                              using proxy auto-

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements that are made in this release are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current assumptions and beliefs in light of the information currently available to it, but involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Many important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements. These factors include:

    --  Difficulties in addressing new virus and other computer security
    --  Timing of new product introductions and lack of market acceptance for
        new products
    --  The level of continuing demand for, and timing of sales of, existing
    --  Rapid technological change within the antivirus software industry
    --  Changes in customer needs for antivirus software
    --  Existing products and new product introductions by competitors and
        pricing of those products
    --  Declining prices for products and services
    --  The effect of future acquisitions on our financial condition and results
        of operations
    --  The effect of adverse economic trends on principal markets
    --  The effect of foreign exchange fluctuations on our results of operations
    --  An increase in the incidence of product returns
    --  The potential lack of attractive investment targets and
    --  Difficulties in successfully executing our investment strategy

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[1] IDC report: “Worldwide Endpoint Security 2013-2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares” (doc #242618, August 2013)

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